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HerpForum - Asia, Australia, Pacific

The newsgroups rec.pets.herp (for people that keep herps.) and sci.bio.herp(for people that have a scientific interest)
are worth visiting, here you can ask or answer questions about Herpetology. 

Herp Rock Bulletin Board. Post and replies from amphibian and reptile enthusiasts worldwide.

Links to sites with information about Australian Reptiles and Amphibians - or of interest to Australian's 


Register of Amateur Herpetologists
A listing of Australian reptile dealers and sellers (Preferred list)
E-mail addresses of Australian Professional Herpetologists
Australian Herpetologists - photos of them
Australian Reptiles and Frogs - the book
Australian Reptiles online - Internet portal managed by Karl Hearn
The International Reptile and Amphibian Ranklist Portal
reptiled.com - Reptile hobbyist internet portal, forums, care-sheets, links, more
Death Adder Website - Smuggled.com Links to other Internal Death Adder Sites
Death Adder Website (Bill McGrath) - best for keepers, etc, with care sheets, etc.
Smuggled - The Underground Trade in Australia's Wildlife.

Smuggled 2 To find out more about the book that's taken Australia by storm
Agama International - Bert Langerwolf - USA breeder of Australian Water dragons and other lizards.
Australasian Brown Tree Snakes in Guam - useful site.
Smuggled 2 - Read a recent newspaper review of this book.
Anti-smuggling Website - Steve Grenard
Australian Herpetology Web Site
University of Western Sydney Herpetology Page (Hawkesbury)
Snake removalist - snake control blog, Florida, USA
Applied Ecology Research Group Herp Page(University of Canberra)
Some experiences when photographing reptilesR. Hoser.
Notes on a herpetological field trip in the Australian State of Victoria (R. Hoser and R. Valentic)
Collecting reptiles in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia - by R. Hoser.
Herping in the Australian State of South Australia - by R. Hoser.
Rubbish tips and Reptiles - by R. Hoser
Release into Hell R. Hoser.
Bob Buckley's Web Site
Reptile Keeping in the Australian State of Victoria - by R. Hoser.
South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Act
Preferred Activity Temperatures of Nocturnal Reptiles in the Sydney (Australia) area - by R. Hoser.
Feeding Interactions in Australian Reptiles - by R. Hoser.
What is a species, When is it endangered, and how does this affect the Herpetologist - by R. Hoser.
Schedule of Threatened and Endangered Fauna/Flora - ANCA
Philippe's reptiles - Canada
Smuggled-2 - Beats ban - Internet Censorship
More Internet Censorship
Anti-smuggling Website
Australian Smuggling and Wildlife Crime Site
Pails for scales - Roy Pails - snakes for sale in Australia
Classification of Living Reptiles of the World
Cites Information
Herpetology Database Frank and Kate Slavens Longevity& Breeding Records
SAURUS Classified Advertisements  



Caring for an Australian Bearded Dragon
Care of the Australian Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragon FAQ (P.vitticeps)at Acme Pet's Herp Library
Agama International/Bert Langerwolfl


The Australian Lace Monitor (Goanna) Varanus varius in captivity - by R. Hoser.
Guidelines for Monitors
Australia - Land of Goannas and Bureaucrats - by R. Hoser. 


Blue Tongued Skinks


The Gekko Gecko site
Notes on the feeding behaviour of the Common Scalyfoot and Burton's Legless Lizard - by R. Hoser.


Death Adders Comprehensive Info Page
Top End Death Adder - Acanthophis cummingiBroad-headed Snake - Comprehensive Info page
Pilbara Reptiles - Comprehensive Info page
Snakes - Harmful or Harmless Brian Bush
Frequency of shedding skin in captive Australian Snakes, Genera: Liasis, Morelia and Acanthophis - by R. Hoser.
Further Records of Aggregations in Various species of Australian Snake - by R. Hoser.
Melbourne's Snakes - A major paper - by R. Hoser.
Snakes swallowing their own teeth. - by R. Hoser and C. Williams.
Hatchling Snakes ( Mellisa K.)
Finding Escaped Snakes( Mellisa K.)
The Snakes of Papua New Guinea


Genera Aspidites and Chondropython - Australian Pythons - Part One - by R. Hoser.
Ant-Hill Python from Western Australia - In the wild, in captivity and the world's first captive breeding - by R. Hoser.
Diamond Python - MaleNotes on a captive Scrub Python (Morelia amethistina kinghorni) by R. Hoser.
The smaller Liasis (=Antaresia) - Australian Pythons - Part Two - by R. Hoser.
The larger Liasis (=Python) - Australian Pythons- Part Three - by R. Hoser.
The role of pelvic spurs (in reptiles) - by R. Hoser.
Hybridisation between three different species of Australian Python - by R. Hoser.
Hybridisation between different species of Australian Python (follow-up paper to above) - by R. Hoser. 
The Carpet/Diamond Python group - Australian Pythons- Part Four - by R. Hoser.
Woma Python (Harford Reptile Breeding Centre USA)
Green Tree Python Care (Alan Zulich)
Green Python (Harford Reptile Breeding Centre USA)
Green Python's and Cages - Hillary Webb's Chondro and Ball Python Pics.
Childrens Python (Northern Form) (Harford Reptile Breeding Centre USA)
Jungle Python (Carpet Python) (Harford Reptile Breeding Centre USA)
Python and Boa Breeding Page


TheAustralian Broad-headed SnakeHoplocephalus bungaroides - by R. Hoser.
Female Death Adder.Death Adders - Genus Acanthophis - The Definitive Paper - by R. Hoser.
Unsuitable food item taken by a Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus) - by R. Hoser.
Mating behaviour of Australian Death Adders Genus Acanthophis (Serpentes: Elapidae) by R. Hoser.
Notes on the breeding of Death Adders (Acanthophis antarcticus) - by R. Hoser.
Genetic Composition of Death Adders (Acanthophis antarcticus) Serpentes:Elapidae, in the West Head Area (Australia). - by R. Hoser.
Colour Darkening in Australian Death Adder Snakes - by R. Hoser
An Aggregation of Eastern Brown Snakes (Pseudonaja textilis) - by R. Hoser.


Peter Mirtschin's Venom Supplies (South Australia)
Immunityof Snakes to their own venom - by R. Hoser.
Immunityof Snakes to their own venom - a later paper with new cases - by R. Hoser.
International Venomous Snake Society

AMPHIBIANS (Australian)

Australian Frogs Information Disk
Census of Australian Vertebrate Species (Amphibians)
Australian Frog Decline - by R. Hoser.
All About AxolotlesAxolotles are the only exotic herp which can be legally kept in Australia
Short Guide to Axolotl Husbandry

TURTLES (Australian)

Breeding Long Necked Tortoises, etc. - by R. Hoser
Turtle/Tortoise Shell Repair
Shell Infections( Mellisa K.)


Microclimate( Mellisa K.)
Evaluating Pet Stores( Mellisa K.)
Guidelines for Reptiles in Schools
ReptileRecord Keeping - by R. Hoser.
Snake Care (Paul Hollander)
Implanted Transponders for Animal Identification (Alan Zulich)
First Aid for Reptiles( Mellisa K.)
Removing Unshed Eyecaps( Mellisa K.)
Hypercalcemia( Mellisa K.)
Dystocia( Mellisa K.)
Metabolic Bone Disease (in Captive Iguanas)
Breeding and Raising the House Cricket

Australian Herpetological Societies.

Victorian Herpetological Society
Monitor - Journal of the Victorian Herpetological Society Victorian Association Of Amateur Herpetologists (VAAH).
Queensland Reptile & Amphibian Club
Western Australian Society of Amateur Herpotologists
South Coast (NSW) Herpetological Society.
Herpetological Society Of Queensland Incorporated.
Postal Addresses of Australian Herp. Societies
Australian Herp Forum - Online.


Australian Reptile Park
Taronga Park Zoo
Rimba Reptile Park (Bali)
Australian Wildlife Parks and Zoos

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General Herp. Information from Around The World

Herp Index Extremely Comprehensive!
Rattlesnake Roundups - ABC Bites the Big One( Mellisa K.)
Herping the Trans-Pecos (West Texas)
The Herp Mall - Multiple Price Lists.
Andrew Hull (Australia), Reptiles for sale, information, etc.
Ball Pythons in Captivity Care Sheet - Melissa Kaplan
Carl Semencic
Reptile Rage
Mike Pingleton's Herp Page
Greg Russell's Home Page
Shelly Johnson's Home Page
Rebecca Sobols's Herp Page
Tim Garlick's Home Page
The Herp Page
The Chinese water Dragon Page
Freddie's Bearded Dragons - Germany
Max! the Savannnah Monitor's Page
White-throated monitors
Names of North American Amphibians and Reptiles - Ellin Beltz.
Trendy's House of Herpetology 2
Jake's Snakes and Reptiles
Sean Fagan's Page
Massachusetts Turtle Rescue, Inc.
Veiled Chameleon Page
No good herp dealers - complaints listing/potential buyers take note and/or enquire further.
Herp Link
Hip Herp Site of the Night
Black Ratsnake
Herp Resources
Dupree's Iguana Home Page
Snake Catcher Brisbane
Leonie's Australian herp's
Henry Lizardlover
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Snakebite & Venom Sites

Snakebites,(Non Australian)
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Museums, Universities, etc.

California Academy of Sciences Department of Herpetology gopher
Florida Museum of Natural History: Herpetology
Texas Natural History Collections (TNHC) Herpetology (University of Texas)
National Biological Survey (USA)
National Biological Survey (USA) Inventory and Monitoring Group
Dept. of Vertebrate Zoology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Inst
Florida Museum of Natural History -- Herpetology
The Herpetology Division Texas Memorial Museum
Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group

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Specifically related to Amphibians, Tortoises and Turtles, and Crocodiles.

FROGGY Page ( A lighthearted look at Frogs) (Sandra Loosemore)
Crocodilian Biology Bibliography
Crocodilians Natural History and Conservation
1,000 Tortoises Massacred - Media Release
Almost Amazing Turtle Cam
"Turtle Stuff" David Kirkpatrick
Newt&Salamander's homepage
Frog Dissection Tutorial
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit.
Marshall Middle School Amphibian Page (Olympia, Washington)
The Tortoise Trust

Turtles and Other Tortoises
Whole Frog project(Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
Xenopus Page

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Victoria Police Corruption - Media Suppression of the facts.
Smuggled - The Underground Trade in Australia's WildlifeVictoria Police - How a Corruption Whistleblower Was Jailed on Falsified Charges.
Victoria Police - Charges Falsified - Police Violence, Perjury, etc, (A Routine Case).
Victoria Police Corruption - Taxi Industry - Who Murdered Peter Coe?
NSW Police Corruption.
West Australian Police Corruption.
How Corrupt Officials in The National Crime Authority Control the illegal Australian Trade in Narcotics.
Australian Wildlife Crime Website.
Smuggled-2 beats Three Defamation Writs - Internet Censorship (1).
Internet Censorship (2) - by Victorian Government Politician, State Ombudsman's Office and others.
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service - Further Corruption.
Other Corruption Related Sites.
Banned Websites
Bird Smuggling site(1)
Bird Smuggling site (2)
Bird Smuggling Site (3)


TheReptilian Magazine (UK)
Varanix, Varanews (USA), (monitor lizards)
Herp Haven On-Line Mag
Reptile and Amphibian Magazine (USA)
The Australian Smuggling and Wildlife Crime Website - A Red Hot Site!
Animal Watch Australia
Reptiles Magazine (USA)

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VPI Pythons - Dave and Tracy Barker
Herp Trader Outpost
Brian Sharp's Investment Quality Boas and Herps
Dealers Listing
Lyon Incubator Page
Hotspot for Pets
Tom Crutchfield's Reptile Enterprises
Exotics Unlimited
Bob Clark - Captive Bred Reptiles
Baldogo Reptiles
Big Apple Catalogue
Big Apple Herp. Supplies 2
Herp. Institute For Scientific Study
The FJM Reptile Ranch
Gecko Ranch
Desert Serpents Reptiles
Steve Eisenbeiss Web Page
Ophiological Services - Green Python Breeding
Harford Reptile Breeding Center
Exotic Reptiles
Ophidiophile Farms
Ophiophilia Snake Price Listalsotext version.
Reptile Solutions Price List
Reptiles West Cages
Animal Mania Online ordering
Bush Herp. Supply
Professional Breeders
Pet Exotic
New England Reptile Distributors
West Coast Zoological
Western Herp. Research Institute

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American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
BAARS (Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society)
California Turtle and Tortoise Club
Central Florida Herp. Society
Chicago Herp. Society
Colorado Herp. Society
West New York Herpetological Society
East Texas Herp. Society
European Snake Society (Holland)
The Herpetological Society of Finland
International Herpetological Society (UK)
Iowa Herp. Society
Maryland Herp. Society
National Turtle and Tortoise Society
New England Herp. Society
New York Herp. Society
Southeastern Ohio Society of Herpetologists (SEOSH)
Stockholm Herp. Society
Uppsala Herp Society (Swedish)
Volusia County Herp. Society (Florida)
American Federation of Herpetoculturists
Northern Ohio Assoc. of Herpetologists
South-eastern Hot Herp Society (USA)
Subarctic Herpephile Assembly
International Gecko Society
Pittsburgh Herpetological Society
Tucson Herp. Society
Treasure Coast Herp Society (Florida/USA)

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Book Section

Australian Reptiles and Frogs - The Definitive Book.The Herp Shop - Largest Range Within Australia.
Buy Books Online
Used Book Exchange
Kotabi Publishing Herp books sales online orders.
Used Book Exchange
Herp Literature Review
Biblomania books and Magazines, 195 West 200 North, Logan, Utah 84321-3905. Phone (USA): (801) 752-0297

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