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Herp net
Reptile Dealers in Australia - Recomended.

# Ultimate Reptile Suppliers, Tim Mensforth
Most kinds of reptile.
Phone: (08) 8260-3328
Website: (Tim)

# Roy Pails.
Most reptiles, including venomous snakes.
Phone: (03) 5335-6817

# Neil Sonnemann.
Only the following are for sale - all quality captive-bred:
Pythons including, Black-headed, Stimson's, Mt. Isa Children's and Top-end Carpet Pythons, Knob-tailed, Tryons and Spiny-tailed Geckos.
Phone/Fax: (03) 5728-2282

# Russell Grant.
Mainly Diamond Pythons.
Phone: (03) 59643523

#Amazing Amazon
Most kinds of reptile, herp goods, etc - an excellent pet shop (good prices, service, expertise, etc), in Melbourne's East.
Open seven days
Phone: (03) 9545-0000

#Reptiles down under
Most kinds of reptile - various vendors.

# Brian Barnett.
(The Herpshop).
Crickets, rats and mice.
Books, hooks and other 'drygoods'.
16 Suspension Street,
Ardeer, Victoria, 3022.
Phone: (03) 9363-6841
Herp Trader (Live reptiles) Exchange/for sale (follow the link at:, "Snakebusters" and it's directors may not have bought reptiles from any of the above dealers, nor does it have any commercial arrangements with any. However all have been highly recommended by clients and contacts. The dealers marked with a # have been visited by us and we found their facilities to be excellent and their reptiles to be generally well-kept. Notwithstanding the above, this endorsement cannot be taken as a written guarantee from,, kotabi publishing, their directors or others who host their sites on this server.

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