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Australians Against Corruption (AAC) have an enormous dossier of Police corruption in Western Australia that is all out of proportion to the relatively small size of that state's Police force. This indicates that corruption there is out of control. On 14th October 1997, a Federal Parliamentary (Senate) Inquiry was given substantial evidence at a Melbourne hearing, stating that Bob Falconer the current WA Police commissioner was involved in serious corruption in Victoria in the early 1990's, when head of that state's Police Internal Investigations section, either in a role of facilitating or covering up illegal Police activity.

Time constraints prevent AAC from placing much of this material on the World Wide web, but we expect it to become the focus of books in the future. Avon Lovell has written a number of books about corruption in Western Australia, most notably The Mickelberg Stitch and Split Image. The WA Police force have attempted to ban both books and served a number of vexatious defamation writs on the author. Notably the author of that book, Avon Lovell, wrote a foreward for Raymond Hoser's book, The Hoser Files, which was about Police corruption in Victoria. That book was unlawfully banned by Police in Victoria, following unprecedented pressure on media and the book distributors. In spite of that ban, the first print run has sold out and the book has been reprinted to satisfy demand.

The following letter (below) is typical of many received by AAC in Melbourne from victims of Police corruption. The case involving XXXXXX (see below) has had some media publicity in WA, which in itself is rare as usually mainstream media tend to shy away from exposing official corruption.

Dear Mr Hoser,

Let me start by telling you, that on the XXXXX 1997, I recorded a telephone conversation between two drug squad Officers talking about sharing around money that they had found at a suspects home. I approached the Anti Corruption Commission with the tape. The A.C.C launched a huge investigation into Police Corruption.

Since then, my house has been raided six times by the Organised Crime Squad. Nothing illegal has ever been found. I am being harassed by the police every time I walk out the door.

I was advised by an anonymous caller (who called himself Colin) to get into contact with you regarding The Hoser Files. I was told to send Twenty Five Dollars to obtain a copy. I was briefly told what they were about, but not in great detail. If you are able to send me a copy of The Hoser Files, could you please highlight or write a quick description outlining the relevant parts.

I have enclosed copies of relevant newspaper articles regarding the tape. You can contact me anytime on the following numbers:-

Mobile -XXXXXX

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Yours Sincerely




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