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Foreword by Andrew MacGregor. ix

Setups - and other tricks to pervert the truth (Andrew MacGregor). xii

1 The can of worms. 1

2 Where it began. 13

3 The 1970’s - Guns, drugs and bent coppers. 30

4 Sex, graft and sabotaged prosecutions. 51

5 Sex, drugs and Police protection. 69

6 The money spinner - Drugs. 89

7 Cops, crops and more crooked cops - the drug squad. 111

8 What the drug squad does to informants. 125

9 Which half of the drug squad is on the take? 135

10 Police, drugs, dogs and death. 147

11 The pubs and the drugs. 175

12 Powder boats - Heroin importation and Police protection. 189

13 Planted evidence. 259

14 Citizens under attack - the Police assaults. 265

15 Police protected thugs. 285

16 Demonstrate - But not against the government. 295

17 Undress or get shot - Illegal strip searches. 311

18 A new weapon? ... Police versus the public. 333

19 Is your local copper a rapist? 339

20 Police rapes close to home. 363

21 Victoria's pedophile police. 373

22 Police raping Police. 379

23 State sanctioned murder? - The Police shootings. 395

24 Guns, near misses and hits. 439

25 Drugs, murder and innocent people framed. 453

26 Murders, murders, murders ... And cover ups ... The Tanner case. 465

27 Sex, drugs, orgies, murders, Police corruption ... The Bailey inquest. 513

28 Murders, stolen cars and an assistant commissioner. 533

29 Smash and grab - The windows scam. 547

30 Not Window’s’95 ... Try Windows’78. 563

31 Secrets for sale - The Police and their computers. 583

32 The reckless drivers - Your Police. 599

33 Drinking, driving and stealing cars. 621

34 Road safety frauds. 635

35 An export industry - Senior Police. 649

36 Kennett and some strange activities. 665

37 Censorship, media manipulation and killing the news story. 685

38 Your money - Kennett, his mates and their taxpayer funded credit cards.

699 39 The Police Minister ... In need of Policing. 709

40 The nuts and bolts. 719- 2. 

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