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If you blow the lid on corruption in Australia, you will be harassed and falsely charged by corrupt officials and Police in an attempt to discredit you. This is standard practice. An abridged chronology of some of the harassment and lies used to try to silence Australia's foremost corruption whistleblower Raymond Hoser, is detailed below.

(The earlier (pre 1995) incidents are covered detail in The Hoser Files).

1976: Raymond Hoser makes allegations of corruption in NSW Wildlife authority (NPWS) and police.

1977-8: Allegations continue. Hoser has high media profile including on all TV networks and front pages of major Sydney newspapers.

25 August 1981: A very large front page article appears in the Australian featuring Hoser’s photo and his indisputable evidence of high-level corruption in NSW Wildlife Department and Police.

September 1981: In retaliation to the above news article, the first of many criminal charges are laid against Hoser. Charges had been falsified. Case thrown out of court on 8 April 1982. Promise made to throw more dirt at Hoser until it sticks.

28 June 1982: First ‘criminal’ conviction against Raymond Hoser. The beginning of the Police dirt file to be used against him to falsely discredit him as corruption whistleblower. The alleged offence was failing to pay a $75 police fine for allegedly failing to stop at a traffic sign.

1982-5: Further falsified NSW Police charges followed. Throw enough mud and some will stick. Police convictions since discredited by S/C Duncan Demol at NSW Wood Royal Commission on 4 July 1995 (refer to Commission transcript and documents).

10 July 1984: Wildlife officers and Police conduct illegal armed raid on Hoser’s Sydney house. Steal documents and reptiles. Trashed place.

September 1985: Clive Jones (of NPWS/NSW) visits Hoser and his father and tells Hoser to move interstate for at least two years of be killed, (refer to Smuggled and Smuggled-2 for details of multiple homicides linked to NPWS).

20 October 1985: Hoser moves to Melbourne.

9 November 1985: Hoser commences full-time taxi driving (first shift). Continued for ten years excluding September 1989-August 1991.

1986: Hoser has falling out with Road Traffic Authority (RTA) officers over multiple hiring and lobbying over driver safety matters.

1987-1997: Multiple charges fabricated against Hoser by RTA and police. Most easily demonstrated as fabricated in Court (refer to The Hoser Files for details). Many not listed here.

28 August 1987: Hoser takes fare evader Phillipa O’Shannessy to St. Kilda police station. Policeman Ross Bingley refuses to charge her.

October 1987: Hoser starts using micro-cassette recorders. All key conversations with police, Vicroads and other officials from here on taped. To attempt to hide the truth, Vicroads officers and Police attempt to stop being recorded by Hoser at all times, but themselves adopt the same practice. For obvious reasons their tapes are never volunteered in court cases.

7 March 1988: Policeman Ross Bingley tells Hoser he is falsifying charges of assault and theft against Hoser. Key witness to be a Police protected criminal named Phillipa O’Shannessy as well as two other Police protected criminals, Bridgitte Stenberger and Joanna James.

5 May 1988: Taxi driver "NAME SUPPRESSED" assaulted by RTA officer Derry Ashton at Abbottsford.

August-December 1988: O’Shannessy matters prosecuted by Bingley and Shearer of police in conjunction with David Robby and Roger Bowman of the Road Traffic Authority.

16 August 1988: Robby makes an unlawful threat to defence witness Shane Johnstone. This later turned out to be part of a wider Police/Vicroads practice.

21 December 1988: Hoser convicted and jailed for 6 weeks on charges of assault and theft over the Bingley/O’Shannessy matters. Policeman Ross Bingley admits to paying off magistrate Hugh Francis Adams to fix case. Court transcripts and associated documents corroborate Bingley’s confession. Conviction overturned on 27 February 1990.

22 December 1998: Bowman unlawfully threatens Hoser’s employer Tas Revis and forces him to sack him.

24 January 1989: Formal complaints lodged re Bingley paying off magistrate. Taped confession given to Police Internal Investigations.

24 February 1989: Vicroads/RTA official George Leonard Olsen assaults Hoser at airport.

7 April 1989: Olsen assaults Hoser at airport again. Complaint lodged immediately.

14 April 1989: David Robby of Vicroads illegally went to the Credit Reference Association of Australia (CRAA) to investigate Hoser’s credit file. Hoser’s credit rating placed under threat.

1 May 1989: Olsen charged and summonsed to appear in court re second assault.

May/June 1989: On instructions of Vicroads in Melbourne, Hoser’s father in Sydney is raided twice by NSW police. Both times his flat is trashed.

May 1989-Present (1999): Telephone death threats and other harassment against Hoser become routine. (Hoser had been subjected to these in NSW before end 1985).

21 May 1989: Kew Police pick Hoser up at ANZ Bank ATM Kew. Hoser bashed, robbed and hit with hamburger with-the-lot. They said it was in retaliation for complaining about Bingley. Charges include indecent behavior, resist arrest and assault. Tapes and camera gear stolen. Informants were Police officers Richard George Valentine and Craig Sharkie. Complaint lodged with Internal Investigations the next day.

24 May 1989: Olsen confirms Kew Police stole tape recorders and camera gear. (Also confirmed by Bingley on 29 September 1989).

29 May 1989: Broadmeadows Court refuses to proceed on Olsen assault case in spite of absence of Olsen or his lawyers. Matter adjourned off by court.

16 June 1989: Bob Falconer, head of Police Internal investigations lets Bingley off the hook. He whitewashes the matter.

5 July 1989: David Robby of Vicroads rings Hoser’s brother in UK. Makes threats to him to try to unlawfully force Hoser to drop charge against Olsen.

11 July 1989: Hoser formally drops assault charge against Olsen. This followed advice from lawyer Martin Smith.

26 July 1989: Ashton (RTA) unlawfully directs department not to release documents through FoI or other means to "NAME SUPPRESSED" and Hoser that may help them to win in court.

5 August 1989: Sergeant Geoffrey Bailey, on instruction from David Robby arrests and charges Hoser with ten counts of fraud. The charges were thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

17 August 1989: Hoser’s father has heart attack as a result of harassment by police and Vicroads over Hoser matters in Melbourne. Rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital and admitted in critical condition.

24 August 1989: Olsen confirms his role in Kew bashing on 21 May 1989.

4 September 1989: RTA Officers Ashton and Herbert caught attempting to burgle Hoser’s house.

18 September 1989: RTA Officers Ashton and Herbert caught attempting to burgle Hoser’s house a second time.

29 September 1989: First of six unlawful cancellations of Hoser’s taxi driver’s licence.

3 October 1989: Police whitewash Kew bashing complaint. Letter made multiple false statements. Trend in Bingley and Kew matters later found to be standard not just for Hoser, but complainants in general.

4 October 1989: Ashton (RTA) makes unlawful threat to El-Fahkri brothers telling them to sack Hoser. Moses El-Fahkri says ‘get fucked’. (As a result, Moses was subsequently hit with fabricated assault charges. He paid good lawyers and beat them).

7 November 1989: Ashton in company with other Vicroads officers attack Hoser in front of multiple witnesses. Complaints lodged everywhere. Ombudsman, Police and Vicroads all refuse to act.

30 November 1989: Vicroads officers John Perry and John Brentnall unlawfully forced entry to Hoser’s house.

21 December 1989: Taxi driver Michael Streeter is arrested by Federal Police. They allege he is ‘Raymond Hoser’. When he produced his licence, they say it is fake. Streeter released without charge some hours later.

15 January 1990: Vicroads lose first of many revocation hearings against Hoser in front of magistrate Jack Tobin. In line with common practice they ignore Court’s rulings and refuse to re-issue licence.

27 February 1990: Bingley/O’Shannessy conviction overturned.

9 April 1990: Sergeant Geoffrey Bailey unsuccessfully attempts to charge Hoser with five counts of assault after Hoser took five photos of him with a telephoto lense.

19 April 1990: Hoser assaulted by Sergeant Yates (Police) at Prahran.

2 November 1990: Bailey proven to have committed perjury. AAT and Police refuse to prosecute.

1 November 1990: Ashton assaults Hoser second time. This time in front of witnesses outside Melbourne Magistrate’s Court.

15 October 1990: Ashton charged by Hoser over 7 November 1989 assault two weeks before expiry of time allowed to do so.

18 October 1999: John Connell (Vicroads lawyer) retaliates to Ashton summons with a threatening letter.

7-8 November 1990: Kew bashing trial. Hoser convicted and fined on all counts by Magistrate Iain Treloar West. Prior to hearing and on West’s orders, Police undressed Hoser in court to ensure no tapes made of the hearing. In spite of this the matter was still covertly taped (see below).

29 November 1990: David Robby is covertly taped committing perjury at Broadmeadows court. Following a formal complaint an attempt is instead made to have Hoser charged with contempt of court for making the tape. Robby is not charged.

12 December 1990: Terry O’Keefe’s section at Vicroads in an aborted attempt to fabricate rape charges against Hoser. Hoser knew nothing of this for some years.

24 December 1990: John Connell (Vicroads) sends another of a number of threatening letters to Hoser.

7 January 1991: Vicroads Chief Executive Reg Patterson promises to sack Ashton if found guilty of assault.

4 March 1991: Ashton found guilty in court of assault. Patterson breaks promise. Doesn’t sack Ashton. Immediately following trial, Ashton attacks Hoser outside court and threatens to kill him (3rd assault). Again there were witnesses and tape recordings. This time a bystander had taken photos of the assault in action.

12-19 March 1991: Kew bashing convictions overturned. Police and their rent-a-witnesses, including protected criminal, Brett David Winduss (a child molester) were shown to have changed evidence at second case based on covertly made tapes of first. Police in turn found guilty of assaulting Hoser and fabricating charges against him. Ombudsman and IID refuse to act on basis Hoser’s complaint now ‘too old’.

7 May 1991: Ashton charged by Hoser over third assault.

26 June 1991: David O’Sullivan senior bureaucrat at Vicroads says everyone in his department ‘wants to fucking screw you’. In other taped conversations between 1991 and 1993 he confirms his department is corrupt and will continue to falsify charges against Hoser until he is jailed.

20 August 1991: Hoser taxi licence re-instated after two year gap.

10 September 1991: Second Ashton assault trial. 1st day of trial. After production of photos, Magistrate Klesdadt asks Olsen and Schofield why they committed perjury. Neither were charged. Matter adjourned off part heard.

28 January 1992: Klesdadt apparently got at by Vicroads side (later confirmed by several barristers). Not interested in case and throws out Ashton charges.

8 March 1992: Hoser booked for going through malfunctioning traffic lights at Harding Street, Coburg, by Police officers Leo Martin Keating and Kevin John Daffy. All parties taped agreeing the lights were out of order.

24 July 1992: George Olsen and Policeman Peter Malliaris improperly book Hoser for a falsely alleged parking infringement at St. Kilda.

4 July 1993: Hoser assaulted by Police officers Nicole Warner and Natalie Bennett in Melbourne city. Independent witness Geoff Drenkhahn gives Police false name and address to avoid harassment. Both sides later charge each other with assault.

19 July 1992: Hoser’s car found stripped adjacent to Northcote Police Station. Police tell Hoser 'It serves you right'.

28 July 1992: O’Sullivan denies anyone at Vicroads had ever been to the CRAA. Says he has spoken with Legal Services section.

22 September 1992: State MP Victor Perton in writing confirms earlier promise of $437,000 compensation to Hoser if his party wins government in State Election.

3 October 1992: Perton’s party wins government. He backs down on compensation promise.

28 February 1993: Fia Cumming publishes news story in the Sunday Herald-Sun re Olsen/Schofield perjury. Government pretends to act on matter. They quietly drop their actions after publicity dies down.

24 May 1993: Smuggled (the book) is officially launched. Nationwide publicity and news stories in all mainstream media.

27 May 1993: Smuggled banned by the NSW government. All major bookshops and distributors were faxed and told not to sell book.

June 22 1993: Smuggled ban lifted by Ministerial direction following intense media publicity. The illegality of the ban had never been in question.

20 July 1993: Magistrate Julian Fitz-Gerald refuses to have his proceedings taped and convicts Hoser on Olsen/Malliaris parking matter.

30 September 1993: Hoser beats one of many Police charges in court. Police officers Bradley Mark Milner and Kevin James Walsh taped committing perjury. In line with common practice, magistrate Linda Dessau and Police refuse to charge the officers.

3 November 1993: Magistrate Susan Blashki convicts Hoser over Coburg lights incident on 8 March 1992. Refer to Victoria Police Corruption - 2 or The Hoser Files for details.

4 November 1993: County Court Judge Thomas Neesham refuses to have his proceedings taped. In a highly acrimonious hearing he again convicts Hoser on the Olsen/Malliaris parking matter.

29 November 1993: Hoser pulled up for going through malfunctioning lights at King Street, Melbourne.

3 December 1993: Hoser speaks with Count Court clerk Findlay McRae re ‘Abandonment of appeals’ (see below).

8 December 1993: Hoser formally lodges three legal ‘Abandonment of Appeal’ forms at the County Court. All related to traffic fines.

24 December 1993: Geoffrey Goodson of Vicroads assaults Hoser’s taxi passenger Andrew Patterson as he enters taxi in city.

24 December 1993: Publisher Charles Pierson serves damages writ on NSW government over lost sales of Smuggled when earlier banned.

28 December 1993: Hoser formally lodges a fourth legal ‘Abandonment of Appeal’ form at the County Court relating to a traffic fine and carrying a one month licence suspension. Immediate suspension runs concurrent with a demerit points suspension commencing the same date.

30 December 1993: NSW National Parks and Wildlife service (NPWS) respond illegally to the Pierson writ and put out a media release defaming Hoser and Smuggled by making false statements (refer to Smuggled-2 for details).

31 December 1993: National newspapers run with news story based solely on NPWS media release and without checking facts (see below).

11January 1994: Hoser beats another of many traffic charges in court. Police officers Terrence West, Grant Roy Beasley, Glen Matthew Owen and Aaron Jay Wood taped committing perjury. In line with common practice magistrate Brian Clothier and Police refuse to charge the officers. There are many other cases like this.

17 January 1994: Clerk Glynnis Jackson posts Hoser her own hand-written letters re the County Court ‘Abandonment of Appeal’ forms. She says the licence suspensions are still not in force.

24 January 1994: Hoser sends to Vicroads two identical letters inquiring re malfunctioning traffic lights at Coburg and City.

17 January - 6 April 1994 (exact date uncertain): Vicroads officials in conjunction with clerks of the Melbourne County Court unlawfully access Hoser abandonment of appeal document at County Court and alter it, thereby backdating it by 20 days. This is then used as a basis to generate a huge swag of other false documents that formed the key basis of the Goodson charge. Those a party to the forgery and subsequent charges included David Robby, Geoffrey Goodson, John Connell (all Vicroads), Peter Billings (Barrister), Glynnis Jackson and Findlay McRae (County Court).

1 February 1994: Tim Robertson of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) confirms the NPWS media release was false and defamatory.

1 February 1994: Hoser is faxed two replies to letters sent to Vicroads on 24 January 1994.

17 February 1994: Hoser appeal for traffic light matter in front of Susan Blashki. As usual Police side took steps to ensure proceedings not taped. Also as usual corrupt Judge Rosemary Balmford sided with Police and didn’t want matter taped. As usual Hoser still had matter taped. Hoser falsely accused by Police and Vicroads of forging 1 February fax.

18 February 1994: Continuation of Balmford matter. Police side ‘lose’ Hoser witness. Hoser conviction re Harding Street lights upheld.

18 February 1994: Hoser house raided by police. Carloads of material taken including tapes of Balmford hearing and all relevant documents. Thousands of other tapes, computer disks, documents, etc, taken. House trashed. Police banned independent witnesses but themselves covertly taped the whole raid. They then passed material on to other Police and Vicroads officers, falsified charges and unlawfully harassed witnesses.

21 February 1994: Magistrate Robert Kumar refuses to order return of goods seized on February 18.

22 February 1994: Hoser given legal aid funding for first time following direction by MP Victor Perton.

March 1994 (exact date not known): Policewoman Nicole Warner illegally harasses Hoser witness Geoff Drenkhahn.

1 March 1994: 1/3 of goods seized returned. Tapes erased.

2 March 1994: Hoser charged with perjury over evidence given in Balmford hearing.

2- 4 March 1994: Legal Aid Commission approached by Police to stop funding Hoser for perjury matter. This they do.

7 April 1994: George Olsen and Ray Arnold (Vicroads) serve summons on Hoser alleging multiple offences by Hoser on 24 December 1993 (the Goodson matter). Charges include ‘touting’, assault and multiple counts of unlicenced driving.

15 April 1994: Police brief-of-evidence against Hoser re Balmford alleged perjury matter. Police brief hinges on ‘fact’ there is no recording made of Hoser’s evidence in front of Balmford. This is central to their case. Several witnesses to be called solely to confirm no tapes had been made, thereby making it a simple case of their word against Hoser’s, unverifiable by independent means such as a tape.

19 April 1994: Police produce second (different) ‘original’ of allegedly doctored letter.

2 May 1994: Keating (Police) says he won’t proceed with perjury matter unless Hoser is represented.

23 June 1994: Hoser arrested when driving a taxi by Policeman Rob Beckingham who falsely alleged Hoser was disqualified from driving. Hoser subsequently charged. End result was no conviction.

6 July 1994: Police unlawfully remove Hoser assault charges against Warner from court computer, (charges re-instated).

23 August 1994: Rod Lambert of IID whitewashes Hoser complaints re the raid. Later in court fellow Police confirmed Lambert’s inquiries were defective and didn’t tell the truth.

3 October 1994: Policeman Leo Keating attempts to extort money from Hoser.

4 October 1994: Australian Press Council upholds Hoser complaint (Judgement 746) in relation to the NPWS media release (see previous). All newspapers are censured for failure to verify alleged facts.

10 October 1994: Keating (Police) returned a large suitcase full of tapes including originals of the Balmford matter (both days). On oath Keating admitted to having copied it. This included the 28 minutes of Hoser evidence in front of Balmford which proved no perjury by Hoser on 17 February 1994.

13 October 1994: Magistrate Jacinta Heffey commits Hoser to stand trial for perjury. She had upheld Keating’s request not to play the tape made at Balmford’s proceedings at her hearing on the basis that Keating had left it back at his office.

24-25 October 1994: Magistrate Brian Barrow convicts Hoser on Goodson matters (except the assault charge). Perjury by Goodson and others was openly taped. No complaint lodged.

8 November 1994: Magistrate John Hutchins in violation of common law strikes out assault charges against Warner without hearing evidence – proceeds against Hoser.

9 November 1994: Hutchins refuses to convict Hoser of assault. Hutchins directs Hoser to re-instate charges against Warner.

23 November 1994: After Police go magistrate shopping, Magistrate Brian Barrow hits Hoser with $2,200 costs in relation to unlawfully struck out assault charges against Warner.

2 March 1995: Keating extortion bid directed dropped by senior Police.

22-23 March 1995: Goodson convictions overturned in front of Judge Duggan. Case openly taped. All prosecution witnesses shown to have lied on oath following production of previously made covert tapes. In spite of complaints, none were prosecuted for the perjury or forging of documents. Duggan openly stated that the case had been based on an illegal forgery.

1 April 1995: Hoser arrested by Police in South Melbourne and falsely accused of stealing his own taxi. He is then brutally bashed and thrown out of Police station. Admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital.

1 June 1995: The Hoser Files was officially launched. Pre-publication sales in May of about 1,000 copies. Reported widely in local media. Alleged ‘D’ notice prevents mainstream media from reporting a word about the book. Remains the case as late as mid 1999. Books subsequently seized from shops and libraries. Tower Books of Sydney ultimately forced to stop Nation-wide distribution of the book. This and later events detailed in this chronology are covered in more detail in Victoria Police Corruption - 2.

2 July 1995: Hoser runs over pedestrian. All witnesses at the scene, including the pedestrian himself said the pedestrian was solely at fault. Attending police Steven Talbot and John Anderson stated that they would charge and convict Hoser regardless of the facts. They said it was ‘punishment’ for writing The Hoser Files. Hoser later charged with dangerous driving and other offences.

4 July 1995: NSW Convictions against Hoser are discredited (see for 1982-5 above).

18 July 1995: Terry O’Keefe and David Robby of the Taxi Directorate announce cancellation of Hoser’s taxi licence in retaliation for publication of The Hoser Files. Revocation set to commence on 20 August in order to simultaneously be a ‘non-renewal’ in order to exploit a legal loophole to ensure successful cancellation (refer to "NAME SUPPRESSED" case in The Hoser Files).

22 August 1995: Chief County Court Judge John Waldron refuses Hoser’s application for a lawyer to represent him at upcoming perjury trial. At the same time he told Hoser he wouldn’t win.

4 September 1995: Neesham trial commenced. Hoser ‘convicted’ of perjury a month later.

20 September 1995: Unsuspecting members of the public Connie Cassar and David Haskins were bashed by Police after walking into Hoser case to observe proceedings. Cassar was carted off and bashed so severely she was admitted to hospital. She was also hit with multiple falsified charges including assault. Attack happened with knowledge and approval of trial judge Thomas Neesham and his Associate Ed Sullivan.

21 September 1996: Cassar bashing reported in the Herald-Sun. Hoser name censored out of article due to ‘D-notice’ against him.

22 September 1995: Waitress at Metropolitan Hotel tells a table of 8 whistleblowers that jury has been knobbled in Hoser case. Information came from jurors themselves in same pub. Appeal documents lodged next sitting day (Monday) even though case was only half finished.

3 October 1995: Hoser ‘convicted’ of perjury. Tape of Hoser’s 28 minutes of evidence in front of Balmford (the crux of the case) was deliberately kept away from the jury by the prosecution side and judge.

4 October 1995: Hoser jailed for a minimum of four months as a result of the above conviction.

11 October 1995: Hoser released from Pentridge Prison as a result of bail being granted by Supreme Court.

28 November 1995: Taxi revocation hearing in front of ex Police prosecutor, Magistrate Noreen Toohey commences.

12 January 1996: After 16 sitting days Toohey confirms most recent revocation of Hoser’s taxi licence and accepts Taxi Directorate’s application for costs against Hoser. They seek $40,730.95.

17 January 1996: Victor Perton invites himself onto ABC radio and defames Hoser. Sunday Herald-Sun gag their own journalist Fia Cumming and spike story.

16 February 1996: Magistrate Raffael Barbario improperly convicts Cassar on all charges and fines her $796. Conviction overturned on 13 May 1996.

27 February 1996: Taxi Directorate’s costs application of $40,730.95 against Hoser dismissed by Magistrate Toohey as unlawful (see above).

26 April 1996: Supreme Court gives Hoser right to appeal taxi licence revocation via 'Originating Motion'. As of 1999 Hoser hasn’t taken up this option.

6 May 1996: Magistrate Graeme Angus Golden improperly directs Police to arrest and charge Hoser with contempt of court. Charge fails.

13 May 1996: Cassar overturns Barbario convictions at County Court.

22 August 1996: Magistrate Paul Smith lies in his written judgement and refuses Hoser application for crimes compensation re the Warner matter.

16 September 1996: LAC unlawfully place charge against Hoser’s house in retaliation for publishing The Hoser Files.

1 October 1996: Smuggled-2 officially launched. Gary Allen (Sydney book distributor) was unlawfully threatened and forced not to distribute the book. Hoser sells thousands of books anyway.

20 November 1996: Writ served on Hoser alleging defamation in Smuggled-2.

22 November 1996: Justice David Levine of the Supreme Court throws out defamation case against Hoser and publisher Kotabi. Levine similarly dismissed a specific application to have Raymond Hoser and his websites banned from the internet.

22 November 1996: MP Victor Perton within hours of Levine’s judgements commits a contempt of court and illegally threatens Internet Service Provider (ISP) Starway Corporation. As a result they immediately wiped Hoser from the internet.

2 December 1996: Second defamation writ served on Hoser over Smuggled-2. December 1996: Hoser sets up internet mirror sites in Australia and UK.

10 December 1996: Hoser receives phone call from female juror in 1995 perjury case. She confirmed at length that they’d been knobbled and that some had wanted to acquit. She’d now read The Hoser Files.

24 December 1996: Second defamation action against Hoser and publisher over Smuggled-2 fails in the Supreme Court. Judge John Dowd refused all applications. A third defamation action against Hoser also failed on the same day. (A good Christmas!)

25 March 1997: Chris Dane QC confirms he takes on Hoser perjury appeal for $12,000 on basis that he guarantees an acquittal.

26 March 1997: Talbot traffic charges against Hoser thrown out by Magistrate McLeod. As usual for magistrates McLeod was not interested in taking action against Police for proven perjury during the case.

23 April 1997: Appeal against Neesham conviction dismissed. Hoser jailed for four months. Chris Dane (QC) stated the case had been pre-determined and that he never had a chance. His comment is repeated to Sydney lawyer Alex Tees. High Court appeal lodged.

13 August 1997: Hoser released from Loddon prison.

11 August 1997: Perton makes more threats in an unsuccessful attempt to wipe Hoser sites from internet.

7 September 1997: Hoser creates websites in USA at http://www.smuggled.com to pre-empt further attempts to wipe sites in Australia. 16 September 1997: Terry O’Keefe and the Taxi Directorate unlawfully force removal of Hoser websites from Australian ISP. Ombudsman’s office supports the move. Newly set-up mirror sites in USA are unaffected.

15 February – 20 March 1998: Ms. Heather Jones, an obsessive bureaucrat with Moreland Council takes it upon herself to unlawfully stop sales of The Hoser Files and other Hoser corruption titles. Causes lost sales of at least 2,500 books ($50,000). Tactics used by Jones and paid heavies included assault, theft, verbal abuse, wilful damage to property, serious alarm and affront and contempt of Supreme Court.

19 March 1998: Legal Aid Commission forced to remove the illegally placed charge on Hoser’s property.

11 June 1998: Jasen Baker of USA ISP Interpseed.Net phones Hoser and tells him a ‘Judge’s Associate’ has tried to force them to remove a publicly available trial transcript (Neesham trial) from their server. ISP tells ‘Associate’ to ‘go to China’.

September 1998: Australian Press Council upholds Hoser complaint against the Herald-Sun (Judgement 990). The complaint was that Hoser material was being deliberately censored out of the paper and that in relation to Police matters the paper was deliberately mis-reporting the facts.

3 December 1998: Age newspaper plagiarizes material from Hoser book, including Hoser’s photos and falsely cites another source.

27 December 1998: Hoser’s USA websites unlawfully forced off internet as a result of actions by Moreland Council bureaucrat, Ms. Heather Jones.

23 January 1999: Hoser re-establishes USA websites (physical time off-line was measured in hours).

26 February 1999: Manager at the Herald-Sun Chris McLeod states in writing his intention to continue ban on Hoser material in his paper.

14 March 1999: Sunday Age plagiarizes material from Hoser book, including Hoser photo again and again cites another source.

2 July 1999: Victoria Police Corruption books were tabled in the NSW Parliament by MP Richard Jones. Hoser ships the first CD's of the books on 5 July 1999.

2 August 1999: Victoria Police Corruoption books delivered to Kotabi Publishing - orders shipped immediately.

On 5 August 1999 Victoria Police unsuccessfully try to seize the entire print runs for the books from the book printer in Maryborough, Victoria.

6 August 1999, Victorian Liberal Prty goes into panic mode with knowledge they are unable to stop distribution of: Victoria Police Corruption books, plans to bring election date foreward from October 1999. Books contain a vast amount of previously unpublished information about Kennett corruption.

15 August 1999 Kennett calls snap State election. Herald-Sun newspaper promotes Jeff Kennett website - resulting in 40 fold increase in hits on Hoser Kennett corruption sites. Salse of books remains high, especially in Bendigo and Geelong.

Mid September 1999: Liberals lose government. Geelong goes to Labor by 16 votes. With several hundred books sold in the Geelong area, Hoser's books were credited with the overthrow of the Kennett gov't.

September 1999: Age loses Federal Court case and is forced to pay Hoser $10,000 damages for plagiarising material from Hoser's books (copyright violation). Newspapers refuse to report on the matter for fear of encouraging others to sue them when their copyright is violated.

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