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Subject: Re: Re Police Corruption - http://www.smuggled.com/vrb2.htm

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 08:06:40 +1100

From: "lynn " <lynn@hyp.com.au>

To: <adder@smuggled.com>


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 Dear Raymond,

I received the two books yesterday. Thanks very much, now I don't know where to begin. My lecturer said I should cite to of the best known cases, one being the window shutter affair but I am not sure which other to choose. The books are really fantastic and I keep starting in different parts of them and flipping back and forth because I don't know what to read first. Which other (out of the many, many cases) do you think would be on the better known cases apart from the window shutter affair. I was thinking about the Tanner incident but it's such a drawn out affair, it's even starting to get on MY nerves.

I went to the Coburg Library just to see if I could find anything else on police corruption and boy, did I come out with some stuff! Not nearly as comprehensive as yours by any means, only a few pages in the middle of a few books, but I DID manage to pick up a copy of the Hoser Files! What a coup! I was surprised that the Coburg Library even had it!

If I get stuck on any part of this topic, would I be able to ring you sometime and you may be able to help me out? I hope so. I enjoyed speaking with you the other day and wish I had had more time but I was at work and we were busy. Maybe I should give you a call when I get home from work one day, if you don't mind, that is. I know you are extremely busy and I think you would be an interesting person to talk to, even without the assignment involved.

Thanks for the books. They are great value for the size of them. I nearly died when I saw how thick they were. I have paid $45 for some stuff which is about a quarter of the thickness of your books and with about one "nth" of the information. Great value for money. I intend to read these from cover to cover, even after I have finished my assignment. And let me know if you are planning to write another book. I am sure there must be heaps more material out there. By the way, I love the photos, they are so clear and it's nice to look at photos in a book about crime and actually recognise the part of town that the photo was taken in, not like when I was doing serial killers and had to rely on the USA junk. But we are sadly lacking in serial killers (good for us, not good for budding criminology and forensic students like me though), and the USA has an abundance of them!

Thanks again for the wonderful books. If you don't mind me calling you at home, could you send me your home phone number?

Lynn Coceani.

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From: adder@smuggled.com

To: Lynn

Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 5:09 PM

Subject: Re: Re Police Corruption - http://www.smuggled.com/vrb2.htm

Dear Lynn wrote:

I suggest that you get the two books advertised on this website

(immediately below)


either thru a shop, your library - which should have them - or order

direct All your questions are answered in them, all the best



> Dear Whoever,


> I am currently ATTEMPTING police studies as part of a certificate in

> Criminal Justice at RMIT have been given a list of topics to choose from

> on which to write an essay (corruption is definitely not on the list)

> and I came across your VERY interesting site. Now I have found plenty

> of information from your site about corruption (and I had no idea how

> widespread it was ) but one of the parts of the question which is the

> closest to the topic of corruption on the list states: " The State

> Government must instigate an inquiry into the Victoria Police if public

> confidence is to be restored. Critically discuss. Include in your

> answer a critical examination of current structures for investigation of

> complaints by and against police and the options available for inquiry.

> I was wondering if you could tell me where to find "the options

> available for inquiry". I can't even find any books on this subject and

> I have spent all of today visiting books shops around the city but to no

> avail. Now I am not sure that my lecturer will be thrilled with my

> choice of essay topic but it certainly is more interesting than the

> other boring choices I have and he'll just have to get over it!


> I do hope that you can give me some advice as to where I can find the

> answers to the question of "the options available for inquiry".


> Thanking you,


> Lynn Coceani


Re: Re my essay


Thu, 13 Apr 2000 08:00:13 +1000


"lynn " <lynn@hyp.com.au>



Dear Raymond,

Thanks for the reply. I realised when I saw the article in the newspaper

that I had already read it in your book. How slow are they at catching on!

Your book has certainly opened up my eyes to our "wonderful" police force.

Are there any of them that aren't on the take? I doubt it.

Thanks again. I will also check out the other website that you sent me.


Subject: Re: Re my essay
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 21:50:35 +1000
From: "lynn " lynn@hyp.com.au
To: adder@smuggled.com

Dear Raymond,

I want to thank you in advance (I haven't even handed in my essay yet, but I have a pretty good feeling about it) for your great books. I think I quoted almost everything from them. They are absolutely invaluable for students of criminal justice and criminology like me. I had plenty of material from your books on the corruption in the drug squad and our lecturer was telling us today about how bad it is and he was a cop for about 20 years. Apparently the Federal Police aren't much better.

So when I get a high distinction on my exam, I will owe it all to you and your great sources of information. You must be hated by every cop in town! But hey, they say the truth hurts and if they don't like being exposed they should keep their hands out of the goodies. You must have put in endless hours of research and foot slogging to get such great publications together. Are you planning any more of these books, I'm sure there is enough material out there for ten more books. PLEASE let me know if you are, I would love to read them.

I will let you know how my exam results come out if you like and any comments my lecturer may have the nerve to write on my essay!

Meanwhile would you mind writing a book on corrections, as I think I will be doing that subject next, anything you know about prisons, good or bad would be fine! (Just kidding)


Lynn Coceani with thanks.

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