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NSW Legislative Council Hansard Article 52nd Parliament (pages 134-135)
NSW Legislative Council Article 01/07/99 Crime Prevention Strategies Adjournment.

I have some 1,536 pages of an unpublished two-part analysis of crime and crime prevention by academic Raymond Hoser. The analysis is based on studies in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Although the document makes a number of findings of fact, I have not had the time to verify them. The author of the study makes a point of stating that so far as he can make out, based on a full-time two-year study, the material is factual. The document details a number of useful ideas for combatting the illegal trade in drugs in New South Wales and Victoria, and strategies for improving law enforcement. The titles of the documents are "Victoria Police Corruption" and "Victoria Police Corruption 2".

They deal with a number of areas, of which Police corruption is only one. If I am given permission to table these documents I ask honourable members to peruse them to get an idea of problems facing drug law enforcement officers in this state and Victoria. The study deals with issues in the three eastern States. I do not have time now to speak on the whole range of areas covered here. However, suffice to say that they are wide ranging and go beyond the drug trade, police corruption and law enforcement. Not only that, the documents link the various areas in a manner so as to allow the reader to form a better understanding as to how to combat the illicit drug problem and related health and criminal justice issues. The documents also deal with matters such as the criminal justice system, law courts and so on in the various States, and ways in which it can be streamlined and improved, with better outcomes for all parties, including a reduced likelihood for miscarriages of justice such as may occur when a person is falsely accused of an offence, for example, drug trafficking. I seek leave to table the documents.

Leave granted.

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