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By Raymond Hoser, Kotabi Publishing, 1999, ISBN 0-9586769 33

(ISBN 0-95867079 41 CD-Rom edition)

Review Published in Anarchist Age Weekly Review, 27th March 2000, number 395, page 3.

Victoria Police Corruption Ė 2 is Hoserís second bite at the corruption cherry.

Bahings, perjury, media censorship, bent magistrates, cops bureaucrats, you name it Hoserís published it. Hoser has a twenty-year history of exposing corruption in Australia. He has untangled that intricate web that links politicians, the state, crime, bureaucracy and the legal system at great personal cost to himself.

As a consequence of his activities Hoser and fellow whistleblowers have spent time in prison for their troubles.

A conspiracy of official silence still hangs over Hoserís experiences at the hands of the State.

Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption Ė 2 are important books, not because of the injustices that Hoser and his fellow whistleblowers have suffered but because they confirm ordinary peoplesí deep held suspicions that the system is corrupt from top to bottom.

Most people go about their lives having superficial contact with government, police and the legal system, believing that the system has been set up to protect them. Those that have been chewed up and spat out soon lose what little faith they have in the system and return to living private lives, keeping well away from the State.

Raymond Hoser is different. He has spent over twenty years of his life fighting corruption in New South Wales and Victoria. Victoria Police Corruption Ė 2 reads like a novel, unfortunately its not a novel, itís a sequence of events thatís occurred to ordinary people in Victoria and the rest of Australia.

The one weakness of Hoserís books is the lack of a political dimension to the information contained in the book.

Crooked courts, crooked police, crooked bureaucrats and crooked politicians donít exist in a vacuum, they exist as a consequence of a hierarchical, political, social and economic system that places power in the hands of people who are unaccountable to anyone but themselves.

I recommend Hoserís books, not because of their political analysis, but because they contain the nuts and bolts about how a system that is inherently corrupt continues to fool most of the people most of the time.

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