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New Taxi Driving Books Due Out Soon!

Later this year we will see the release of two new books Ė TAXI and TAXI-2.

The books are a confessional by professional taxi drivers of what happens in their job.Taxi - the book - due out mid 2000.

It is the uncensored version of what happens during the life and times of a taxi drivers. A warts and all coverage of the taxi driverís job. The books are a light-hearted read that details such things as passengers vomiting in taxis, fare evasions (and the creative methods used), taxi drivers and crime and so on.

Written by professional taxi driver Raymond Hoser, the books have been in the making for some two decades.

They are being published by Kotabi Publishing and will be advertised on their corporate website when available. The books will also be available in most Australian bookshops. The books are split into two volumes due to the huge amount of material within it. Each book is in excess of 500 pages.

Taxi-2 - the book - due out mid 2000. The target audience isnít just taxi drivers, but also those who have always wondered what really goes on in the job and wondered about the interesting passengers we get.

The book is now on sale (sales commenced on 1 November 2000). Click on the book covers on this page to order, or

to view the company media release, look at the contents, find out more, etc.

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