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The uncensored account of what goes on between taxi drivers and their passengers.


Taxi - the book - don't miss it - get your copy now.Sex, drugs, more sex, money, crime, corruption, maybe more money, thefts, alternative sex, murder…

These are all the things a cab driver learns to see and expect as part of the job. In fact most of the above are almost everyday occurrences. After two decades in the taxi-driving game (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Orlando, etc.), Raymond Hoser's seen most of it.

A taxi and its driver isn't just a vehicle that takes passengers to their destination. It doubles as a confession box, brothel for hookers without a room, underground bunker for crime bosses on the run, money till for cops, thieves and alike, mobile drug store and much, much more.

Somewhere in between all this the cabbie has to duck and weave through the traffic, find a fare, avoid the long-arm or the law, passengers abuse, vomit, knives, propositions and so on.

...And maintain their sanity!...if it exists.

For those who always wondered what really happened in the backseat (or front) of a taxi, this book is it!

Raymond Hoser has authored several non-fiction corruption best-sellers. Five have been banned! This time he writes yet more of what people often call obscene, shocking and unpalatable – but relating to his 'other job' as taxi driver.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

'A sensational look inside the taxi game' – George Dimitriou, Nemesis.

'The best read ever' – David Summers, Exposure.

Adult Non-fiction
ISBN 0 9586769 8 4 (pbk)
260 X 175 mm, 528 pp.
$33 (Australian or US$) + $7 postage.

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