Australia's best taxi and taxi related photos are now for sale for commercial purposes.

Kotabi Publishing are now offering all the photos from the books Taxi, Taxi-2 and The Hoser Files for sale for reproduction along with most photos from their other corruption titles. Included are the best taxi-related photos ever taken from all parts of Australia as well as internationally. We are also offering for sale numerous other unpublished taxi and crime-related photos from our archives.

E-mail us on the relevant link at our bookings page if you have further queries.

Click here for a listing of some of our taxi-related photos in our archives:

Click here for a listing of some of our corruption-related photos in our archives:

Also at we are now offering for sale for commercial purposes and publication our quality photos of Australian reptiles and frogs. Included are all the photos used in Raymond Hoser's book Australian Reptiles and Frogs published in 1989. That book alone contains over 600 high quality colour photos of most of the well-known Australian herpetofauna.

We also have thousands of other reptile and other wildlife photos available for sale from our archives. This includes most of the well-known species of reptile and frog from outside Australia, including the major species of pythons, etc. If it doesn't appear on our list/s, then please contact us (preferably via phone or email) with your needs and wants. We will probably have what you want, or be able to tell you where to get it. In other words we have spectacular photos of snakes, lizards, frogs and so on, including "action" shots of things such as feeding, mating, etc.

We usually ship the photos on CD-ROM (usually immediately upon order) in v-high resolution and in any desired format (tiff, bitmaps, etc) and by email. We can e-mail low resolution copies/samples before you decide to go ahead with a purchase. Rates are dependent on the desired publication (print run, circulation, etc), but are highly competitive.

Click here for a listing of some of our python photos in our archives:

Click here for a listing of some of our elapid (venomous snakes) photos in our archives:

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