Snake Control, Venomous snake controllers, without "killer tongs", Snakebusters® Melbourne
PHONE: 0412 777 211
(03) 9812-3322.
(Government licenced snake control and controllers)
See below for details.
Melbourne, Victoria, all areas, 0412 777 211
For the controlling, control and relocation of snake/s in Victoria, Australia.
(Note it is an offence to control or capture a snake if unlicenced or use tongs to control or injure snakes). Snakebusters are licenced to control snakes. We don't use "killer tongs" to control snakes!
Don't take risks - call snakebusters to capture your snake/s!
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24 hours a day, all Melbourne suburbs and nearby
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school shows Melbourne!

Snakebusters - main website entry.
Snake Catchers Melbourne, Venomous snake catcher Melbourne

Melbourne's Snakes - for snake catchers, a comprehensive guide to the snakes of Melbourne online.
Snake Catchers Melbourne, Venomous snake catcher Melbourne

If you have found a snake on your property - how to make the snakes go away - pdf file.
Snake Catchers Melbourne, Victoria, Venomous snake catcher Melbourne

Shows in schools, kinders, scout groups, etc, exhibitions, consulting, expert witness for court proceedings, etc.
Snake Catchers Melbourne, Venomous snake catcher Melbourne

Australia's internet portal for scientific papers on snakes, reptiles, etc, including papers on snake bite, snake bite treatment, snake catchers, snake catching and how to safely be a snake catcher.
Snake Catchers Melbourne, Venomous snake catcher Melbourne

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Snake Catchers Melbourne, Venomous snake catcher Melbourne

For Melbourne Victoria Australia Snake Catchers call snake busters for a snake catcher

For a Melbourne Snake Catcher call snake busters for a deadly venomous snake catcher Snake catcher and snake catchers (non-urgent) inquiries to
Snake man Raymond Hoser at the Snakebusters bookings page at:

school shows Melbourne!
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