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Letter sent to NSW Parliamentarian re the NSW Police attempts to ban another Hoser book.






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15 NOVEMBER 2000


Parliament House,

Macquarie Street,

Sydney NSW 2000,





It appears that the NSW Police through their so-called "NSW Police Integrity Commission" (PIC) is trying to unlawfully and/or improperly ban my latest book, Taxi.

On 10 November this year, the PIC sent me a letter stating that the book should not be sold as it names Kerry XXX Name Deleted XXX as a Royal Commission witness (KX-8) allegedly in violation of a suppression order.

The letter clearly aims to stop distribution and sales of the book in NSW.

However there are some highly pertinent points.

The original suppression of Miss XXX Name Deleted XXX's details were ostensibly to protect her from the man she was giving evidence against, namely Fat George AKA Pandelis Karapis.

The Royal Commission itself breached her cover by allowing Karapis to sit in the public gallery of the Commission as she gave her evidence.

This was also reported in the newspapers the next day.

Since that date, any so-called suppression order against XXX Name Deleted XXX's name has been pointless.

Furthermore the book Victoria Police Corruption (1) reported the same and has been in general circulation, including in NSW for over 12 months and the NSW Police have not moved against the book and/or against your tabling of the same in Parliament on 2 July 1999.

Furthermore because the books have been sold on CD-ROM which can be easily copied, it is physically impossible for any person to attempt to prevent publication of XXX Name Deleted XXX's identity in NSW.

XXX Name Deleted XXX has not suffered in any way because of these publications and their general distribution. In fact over 100 copies of the book were sold directly by myself into the Kings Cross precinct in late 1999.

Furthermore the person whom all this is supposed to be protecting, Miss XXX Name Deleted XXX, is well aware of the fact that the NSW Police Royal Commission blew her cover in the first instance and for that reason she approached me to publish her story in the Victoria Police Corruption book and to do a foreword to Taxi.

Noting that XXX Name Deleted XXX herself has sought to have her Royal Commission identity publicized it makes a mockery of any belated attempt by the PIC to suppress her identity after they had the gall to indelibly blow her cover in the first instance.

I understand that the PIC has the powers from the Royal Commission in terms of legal suppression of names and the like.

On that basis can you please do the following (if you can):

1. Have the PIC rescind any suppression orders on XXX Name Deleted XXX's name.

2. Have the PIC rescind any threats to ban and/or restrict sales of my books in NSW.

3. Find out who else (if anyone) that the PIC have sent letters to regarding the book Taxi.

4. Raise the matter in parliament and/or media of the PIC fail to do what we seek.

Following this letter is the text of the letter from the PIC and the relevant text from the book Victoria Police Corruption.

Thanking you for your anticipated help in this matter.


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XXX Name Deleted XXX betrayed by NSW Police Royal Commision - From the book - Victoria Police Corruption (1) - go to:
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