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Hoser set to be jailed for publishing the truth - click here for details

NSW Police try to stop sales of Taxi books.
27 November 2000.

Following (unlawful) legal threats (letters) from the NSW Police in 2003 this webpage has been altered to have the name of a person known as KX-8 removed.
However this information remains available - uncensored in the books Taxi:Indecent Exposures and Victoria Police Corruption as published and still available for sale (also see end of the release below).

The NSW Police claim that since the Wood Royal Commission they have been squeaky clean.
That illusion was well and truly shattered this month when the NSW Police tried to stop sales of the newly released best-seller Taxi Indecent Exposures.
The book and it's sequel, Taxi-2 ruffled the feathers of senior Police by having letters from NSW cabbies complaining of unlawful harassment by NSW Police officers.
Afraid that this truth may undo some of the PR work being done by the Police's own media spin doctors the department called in their lawyers to see how they could ban the book.
In a dramatic turn of events the NSW Police Integrity Commission (PIC) has written to publisher, Kotabi telling them that they may be in contempt of the NSW Police Royal Commission for blowing the cover of a witness, KX-8, otherwise known as (NAME DELETED DUE TO THREATS BY NSW POLICE).
This might have been serious were it not for the fact that it was the Royal Commission itself that improperly blew the lady's cover on the very day she gave evidence before the Royal Commission.
This is confirmed by the commission's own official transcript and material long on the public record, including that identified in the NSW Parliament Hansard of 1 July 1999 and the book Victoria Police Corruption, itself sold in the thousands since 2 August 1999.
(NAME DELETED DUE TO THREATS BY NSW POLICE) herself even approached the Sydney papers and had her photo taken by them in a bid to highlight the corruption ad dishonesty of some people working for the Royal Commission.
As a Royal Commission witness, (NAME DELETED DUE TO THREATS BY NSW POLICE) sought protection from Pandelis Karapis, otherwise known as "Fat George". She was told that her evidence to the commission would be "In Camera" and that "Fat George" would not be aware of it.
She was lied to by Commission staff. In actual fact, she gave evidence in an open hearing and the target of her evidence, "Fat George", sat in the public gallery and watched her give her evidence. When (NAME DELETED DUE TO THREATS BY NSW POLICE) saw "Fat George" seated in the gallery, she became distressed and sought to retract the evidence because she'd been lied to by Commission staff. However she was told that if she did, then she'd be charged with perjury. For her it was a "no-win" situation.
(NAME DELETED DUE TO THREATS BY NSW POLICE) herself sought to do the foreword to the book Taxi and then wrote it. She has made it clear that she wants to book sold everywhere, including in NSW.
This week she said "The NSW Police are only trying to suppress the book because the don't want people to know about their continuing corruption and the fact that the Royal Commission wasn't as Kosher as they said it was."
She further said "The PIC's alleged and belated concern for my welfare is a lie and they know it. If they really cared, then they'd pay me compensation for the agony I've already had to endure and not try to victimize a small publishing company, whose only crime is to tell the truth".
In a bid to get to the bottom of the matter, Kotabi's Lawyer Alex Tees contacted the PIC for an explanation.
However no one at the PIC seemed to know about the letter sent to Kotabi or what, if anything, they intended doing in relation to the taxi book's sales from here on and/or in relation to reversing any alleged orders suppressing the publication of (NAME DELETED DUE TO THREATS BY NSW POLICE)'s details in NSW.
Kotabi has also written to the PIC directly seeking an explanation and may, if necessary have the matter raised in parliament or the media.
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Endnote: We received a legal threat (actually two) from the NSW PIC in late 2003 in relation to the naming of KX-8 on this webpage and others on the "" server. Legal advice showed we were legally allowed to print this information and that threats by the NSW Police to jail Raymond Hoser for doing so were illegal. However as KX-8's identity is generally known and in the books "Victoria Police Corruption" and "Taxi:Indecent Exposures", it was decided to bypass a time-wasting legal battle and hence this person's name has been removed from this webpage.

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