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10 November 2000

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Dear Sir/Madam

RE: "Taxi: Indecent Exposures"

I refer to the abovementioned publication by Mr Raymond Hoser which was recently brought to the attention of this Commission.

In particular, the Commission's attention was drawn to pages xv - xviii "Foreword. What are your rates?" These pages identify Ms XXX Name Deleted XXX by name, photo and codename KX8. This is the codename under which Ms XXX Name Deleted XXX gave evidence before the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service.

On 23 May 1995, during the examination of Ms XXX Name Deleted XXX under codename KX8, Royal Commissioner Wood issued the following direction:

The Commissioner:I'll suppress any evidence which might either identify or tend to identify this witness in any fashion."

This direction was made pursuant to section 27(1)(c) of the Royal Commission (Police Service) Act 1994 (NSW), which states that "The Commissioner may direct that any information that might enable a person who has given evidence before the Commission to be identified must not be published or must not be published except in such manner, and to such persons, as the Commissioner specifies."

Breach of a direction made pursuant to s 27(1)(c) constitutes an offence, the maximum penalty for which is 50 penalty units and/or imprisonment for 6 months.

The direction in relation to Ms XXX Name Deleted XXX has not been varied or revoked by the Police Integrity Commission.

The effect of the direction is that a person may not publish in New South Wales the fact that Ms XXX Name Deleted XXX gave evidence under codename KX8. Please therefore be advised that distribution of the abovementioned publication, in New South Wales, may constitute an offence.

Yours faithfully



Commission Solicitor


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