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A current assessment of the status of the snakes of the genera Cannia and Pailsus, including descriptions of three new subspecies from the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Australia.

Raymond Hoser, PO Box 599, Doncaster, Victoria, 3108, Australia.
Phone: +61 412 777 211 E-mail:
Originally published in Boydii - Journal of the Herpetological Society of Queensland Incorporated - July 2001, pages 26-60.


This paper is of unusually large size, being in excess of 25,000 words and that excludes the photos and captions that were published in the original publication.
For users of the internet, there are three basic options for downloading and reading this paper. Because it is best that this paper be printed out, archived and read at leisure, the pdf version is most recommended. It is under 4 mb and should download in less than an hour. You will then be able to print it out, exactly as published (in "hard copy") and see all the relevant pictures of the snake species described within.
For that option click on the link indicated below.
Alternatively you may simply click onto the relevant link for a webpage that will appear on your screen within seconds (see below) to access the same full paper as a webpage and from there access relevant photos online as low resolution images.
As a final alternative, you may click onto the relevant link to download the paper as an MS Word file (on the link indicated below) so that you can format the text as you see fit and then either read the paper on screen or as a print out.
The relevant links are thus as follows:
Pdf version

Webpage with the paper

Photos published with the paper (all 24 images)

Paper as an MS Word file

Another link referred to in the paper and materially relevant to it, is that of the holdings of "Cannia australis" in the Queensland and Australian Museums.
To access the relevant files (generously provided by the relevant curators) as excel, htm and MS Word (six files in total), and as a small (110 kb) self-executing file folder that will open up in your hard drive's temp directory (leaving the six files):

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