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A current assessment of the status of the snakes of the genera Cannia and Pailsus, including descriptions of three new subspecies from the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Australia.

Originally published in Boydii - Journal of the Herpetological Society of Queensland Incorporated - July 2001, pages 26-60.

First five photos (out of 24) - as published in the original paper.
Unless otherwise stated - all are copyright Raymond Hoser.

Below: Pailsus weigeli Holotype from Mitchell River, WA.

Below: Pailsus pailsei from Qld - Australian Museum Specimen no. R11359 from Lilydale Spring, Riversleigh Station, Queensland (Lat. 138.45 E, Long 19.50 S).

To view the next five photos published with this paper

To download the original of this paper - with photos exactly as it appeared in the journal Boydii - as a 3.23 mb Adobe Acrobat pdf file

To download the original of this paper - as an MS Word for Windows file - in the same text as it appeared in the journal Boydii - (without the photos)

To download the listings of "Cannia australis" specimens held at the Qld and Australian Museum as of end March 2001 in MS Word table files, excel files and html files (six files in total) in a self executing (self opening) file folder (110 kb) - as provided by the relevant institutions (with thanks acknowledged here)

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