Hands on reptile partyHandle the reptiles, hold the reptiles, handle the animals, hold the animals, handle the wildlife, hold the wildlife. Snakebusters are the only hands on reptiles.

Hands on reptile parties

Snakebusters bring more reptiles to your party, school or event.
More people hold more reptiles with proper "hands on".
Snakebusters have the widest range of reptiles available.
Snakebusters are the ONLY company legally allowed to bring deadly species to your place or event because we have surgically devenomized snakes!

But the all important number is how many reptiles are brought to a given presentation.
For this Snakebusters trumps all others. We typically bring 50 odd animals.
And we are the ones who let people actually hold them!
Inferior outfits typically bring no more than ten to fifteen animals in total with only some people holding them. This information comes from their own websites and is what you'll actually get from them.
In other words there is a world of difference between Snakebusters and the others.

"Hands on" to continue - VCAT Case 2008.
Hands on reptile show

Furthermore Snakebusters have all the reptile species you are likely to need for a show or display.
This includes all the better known species of deadly snakes with guaranteed safety (an exclusive of snakebusters) and harmless snakes as well as the better known lizards that are easily handled by adults and children alike.
Snakebusters are alone with the world's top five deadliest snakes and yes, they can enter your home in a risk free party or event.
Snakebusters are also alone in being able to guarantee safety with them!
Yes we even have crocodiles, frogs, etc.

In Australia there are over 1,000 known species of reptile and that is before one adds on the different colour variations, subspecies, age differences and so on.
Put simply, it's not viable to hold all of them on call.
That's especially as most are small, innocuous, rarely seen and put blunty don't interest most people.
Then of course there's the occasional demand for non-native species, of which there are at least 10,000.
However no one else in Australia has the prestige and reputation of Australia's Snakeman Raymond Hoser to be able to access other people's reptiles as needed (within legal constraints).
On call are numerous other keepers and collections who have in the past allowed Raymond Hoser/Snakebusters unfettered access to their stock for whatever purposes are needed.
Yes we are talking thousands of animals!
That of course explains where many of Raymond Hoser's top quality photos come from as well.
Not every reptile in his books or definitive scientific papers is necessarily from the bush.
Often that's obvious by the better (well-fed) condition of the captive reptiles.
What this means in plain English is that if you are after a wide diversity of reptiles or something out of the ordinary, perhaps for a photo shoot or similar, then Snakebusters is without doubt the best place to try first.

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Handle the animals®, hold the animals® and variants are registered trademarks. Snakebusters are the only wildlife demonstrators in Australia that lets people hold the reptiles and other animals with proper hands on. Other companies only allow people to touch them at best, with rare exceptions for photo opportunities, advertising and the like. Snakebusters is Australia's ONLY hands on reptiles. Insist on the Australia's best reptiles® and insist on Snakebusters, trading in all parts of Australia, including Melbourne, Victoria, NSW, Qld, Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere.

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