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Continuing the uncensored account of what goes on between taxi drivers and their passengers.


Taxi-2 - the book - don't miss it - get your copy now. This book has yet more sex, alternative sex, money, scams, crime, death, destruction and all things Taxi!

Continuing where Taxi left off, Raymond Hoser continues the uncensored account of what happens in cabs.

Taxi-2 tells of previously undocumented money-making scams, yuppie kids, not-so yuppie kids, wood-ducks, mobile hock-shops, mobile knock-shops, fugitives, dogs, dogs and more dogs.

Taxi-2 gives you the low down on multiple-hiring, more multiple hiring and mass-multiple hiring, in a way only Raymond Hoser knows.

Then there's the small accidents, big accidents and disasters of biblical proportions.

Taxi-2 also goes overseas to give you the low-down on what cabbies from other countries get up to.

Like Taxi, Taxi-2 pulls no punches - it says it as it is...

If you think you know it all about taxis, taxi drivers and what goes on, then think again. Taxi-2 will blow your mind away.

Raymond Hoser has authored several non-fiction corruption best-sellers. Five have been banned! This time he continues to write yet more of what people often call obscene, shocking and unpalatable but relating to his 'other job' as taxi driver.

This book once again proves that for entertainment - truth beats fiction.

'Ballistic' - Taxi News, Australia.

'Forget heroin, reading Hoser's book is real addiction' - Geoff Muirden, Strategy.

Adult Non-fiction
ISBN 0 9586769 9 2 (pbk)
260 X 175 mm, 504 pp.
$33 (Australian or US$) + $7 postage.

The above text is from the back cover of Taxi-2.

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