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The text of Robert Dean's letter in support of the illegal banning of Victoria Police Corruption books is below.

Robert Dean MLA
Member for Berwick
Suite 4
418 Princes Highway
Narre Warren
Victoria 3805
Telephone: 9704 6055
Facsimile: 9704 7966
Our reference: 5313/00 rd
27 October, 2000

Mr Raymond Hoser
41 Village Avenue

Dear Raymond,

I refer to our numerous communications and correspondence in relation to your book "Victoria Police Corruption" and "Victoria Police Corruption 2".

I think you would agree that within the pages of your manuscript there are many statements which would potentially come under the heading of defamation.

In some states truth is a defence and in some states it must not only be true, but in the public interest.

I am not in a position to determine whether or not such allegations are correct however, it would appear that the Victorian Labor Government has come to the conclusion that they are and, on behalf of the Victorian court, has issued a warning to those who stock the books that should they publish them. The Government would possibly take action because of its view that your script contains information which defames judges and could also be in contempt of court.

I do not wish to comment on whether or not that was an appropriate action by the Victorian Government. However it is true that if the court believes that a publication is to be printed which is in contempt of the court, the officers of the Attorney-Generals would be the officers that advise those who may unwittingly be in contempt from publishing or distributing the information, or, more importantly, advising them of the Govemment's view so that the publisher or distributor can make its own decision and cannot later argue that it was not warned.

In the end, if you believe the direction of the Labor Government was unlawful then it is necessary to take court proceedings to obtain an injunction or declaration in relation to the material.

This can be done with or without representation and should you have difficulty funding legal representation, you may wish to apply to a local community legal centre for help or to the ex gratia schemes that are run by both the Law Institute of Victoria and the Victorian Bar.

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to run such a case for you or to provide the funds for you to institute such a case. It is always of concern that legal aid does not stretch as far as we in Victoria would like it to stretch.

As far as publicly making a statement as to whether or not the information contained in your booklet is not defamatory or is not in contempt of court, I cannot do that because I am not sure that it is not in contempt of court or defamatory.

You have referred to me on a number of occasions the right to publish free of censorship. In a democratic society there is a right to publish, but there is not a right to defame, just as there is not a right to commit contempt of court, or a right to discriminate against people, etc.

While these restrictions can be seen as censorship, they have been accepted by the community as a necessary restriction to prevent damage being done to innocent parties.

So the question comes down to the fact that you are of the belief that your information that you wish to publish is not in contempt of court and is not defamatory. Unfortunately, the only way this can be determined is through a decision of a court of law and I am not a court of law and cannot make that decision.

I fully support the right of people to be able to publish material that does not breach the law and where it may breach the law I would support the publication of that information subject to the determination of that question.

I hope this is of assistance to you and I appreciate your many communications in relation to this matter.

Member for Berwick
Shadow Attorney General
Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

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