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Are they kidding?
Victorian Government orders banned corruption books and CD's!
6 August 2000

Amazing, but true.

In June 2000 the Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls illegally banned the best-selling corruption books Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption 2.
On 26 July this year, Hulls' own department formally ordered copies of the books that they banned as well as the internationally acclaimed Corruption Collection CD-Rom.
The order was submitted by the Department of Justice's Library Manager Joan Harris using an order form downloaded from the internet site at
The order was made using a government approved American Express card.
The irony is that in June this year booksellers and agents selling the same books were told that if they continued to sell the books, they faced legal proceedings, fines and jail.
Kotabi Pty Ltd has now written (again) to Rob Hulls seeking an immediate lifting of the ban on sales of these books.
The company has said it will not supply Rob Hulls or his department any copies of the books until he gives a written undertaking that neither the company and/or its agents will be threatened, harassed, sued, etc, for selling these same books to any and all takers.
In a statement the company said "While we'd like to take their money, they have put us in a situation whereby we'd rather forgo the money rather than risk further illegal threats and/or attempts to jail us or our agents under false pretenses."
Meanwhile a number of bookshops and other people continue to sell the books in spite of the illegal threats. These people report sales have increased as purchasers now have only limited numbers of places from where to buy the books.
In one instance 40 books were sold on a single Saturday.
Author Raymond Hoser likens the situation to the East Germans trying to stop people getting through the Berlin Wall in the 1970's 'It just won't work too many people have got through already Hulls cannot go out and seize the thousands of books already in general circulation".
Meanwhile in the last week, the "Free Speech Committee" met and has now thrown its support behind Kotabi Publishing in their attempts to lift the unlawful ban on sales.
The ban on the books is in violation of the Trade Practices Act, the Federal Constitution and the guaranteed rights of free speech as ruled by the High Court, in contempt of a Victorian Supreme Court Judgement dated 18 April 2000, the UN Declaration on Human Rights as ratified by Australia and other laws.
A High Court ruling in 1999 and other parallel court rulings in lower courts have shown that the allegation by Hulls and his underlings that the books are in "contempt of court" is a lie.
Further information, all supporting documents, etc, can be downloaded from:
To view the order for the books by Rob Hulls' department click here.
To view the Kotabi Publishing response click here.

E-mail your protest to the Australian government now simply by clicking here...

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- Rob Hull's reply to Adam Anthony Zoccoli dated 8 March 2000.(one page)
- Dymocks Recall Notice dated 27 April 2000.(one page)
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- Collins booksellers recall notice of 13 June 2000(one page)
- Letter from Hoser to Rob Hulls dated 23 June 2000.(one page)
- VGS letter to Kirby Book Distributors dated 19 June 2000.(two pages)
- Hulls' dept. letter to Kotabi ordering books. (two pages)
Normal Websites (relevant documents, etc):
- Supreme Court Judgement of 18 April 2000.
- More on Adam Anthony Zoccoli.
- Download or view a picture of Rob Hulls, the man responsible for and who approved of the illegal banning of the books.
- Download or view a picture of Carlo Carli (MP) who actively supported the illegal ban of the books.
- High Court ruling/s on contempt.
- Letter to ACCC re ban.
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