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Hoser books force reversal of Victorian government policy.
16th November 2000.

After ten years of holding out – the Victorian State Government has buckled under pressure and decided to introduce video cameras in all Melbourne’s taxis.

These are known to cut crime against taxi drivers by up to 90%.

Not only that, but they are effective in cutting out most vexatious complaints against taxi drivers by disgruntled fare evaders and other criminals.

The Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD) under Terry O’Keefe and more recently a new director had up until now refused point blank to introduce these cameras into cabs.

O’Keefe and his subordinates routinely pursued allegations against taxi drivers they knew to be false comfortable in the knowledge that they wouldn’t have to risk being faced with the indelible evidence provided by these cameras. As a result numerous cabbies now carry convictions for things they never did.

It’s also a matter of public record that O’Keefe has had many a brougha in cabs with drivers he’s abused when over drunk or simply just plain angry.

Late last month the books Taxi and Taxi – 2 by Raymond Hoser hit the streets. The books detailed the brutal murders of cab drivers in Melbourne and had a series of photos with the bold caption "Fact: cab cameras cut crime".

Besieged with cabbies and news journalists asking the Minister Peter Batchelor to "please explain" the VTD’s continuing refusal to introduce the security cameras, Batchelor had no choice but to force a back-down by his department.

However the department’s action was too late for one cabbie, Cameron Rudd, 33, of Cranbourne, who was shot while in his taxi just yesterday.

Author Raymond Hoser said "Rudd missed out on the security these cameras could have given him. If the VTD had taken my advice ten years earlier, Rudd and others may still be with us".

Hoser said "I’m happy to have been vilified and harassed by the VTD over this matter if it means just one more taxi driver gets to keep his life … and if it means that criminals can no longer look upon cab drivers as an easy target".

A number of other cabbies suggested that Hoser should receive a knighthood for his efforts, but as he has a British passport that is unlikely.

Meanwhile the Taxi books continue to be in high demand with some shops finding difficulty in keeping up with demand.

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