Raymond Hoser "wrote the book" on how to find and catch reptiles in Australia in 1989.
He's still regarded as the best in the business when it comes to going into the field and finding critters. No one else thinks like a reptile like Raymond Hoser does.
Over more than 20 years he's been periodically contracted by company's and individuals in order to find reptiles on properties, do survey work, reports and the like.
If you or your company want to know what's where on your property, Raymond Hoser and the snakebusters team can help you. If you want to create a reptile-friendly development, Raymond Hoser can help you do it no it's not always as simple as simply letting the vegetation grow. He'll design everything for you including how to maximise your property's thermal positions and attributes, local environment and so on.
If you want to keep snakes or other "nasties" out, he'll help you do it.
Pricing is on an "each job" basis and is very reasonable.
Survey work is best pre-arranged by some months as permits are usually required and may take some time to issue, although some states are better than others. Many species of reptile are seasonal in movements and from a practical point of view can only found at certain times of year (often only a few weeks a year) and so foreward planning may be essential if these species are to be targeted.
Raymond Hoser has conducted extensive field surveys in all mainland Australian states and in the UK and USA.
Further details - Phone (within Australia) 0412 777 211.

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