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A New Snake From Queensland, Australia (Serpentes: Elapidae).

New Species of Venomous Snake - Photo

Pailsus pailsei - High Resolution download.

Conditions of reproduction and download instructions
This is a photo of the species "Pailsus pailsei".
The photo/s may be reproduced provided it is identified as this species and the photographer (Raymond Hoser) is cited as the source. The photo may not be onsold and there is no charge for use on the terms and conditions as just given. To download the photo, click on the link below. It will download as a 748 kb jpg

Tto download the hi-res. image, click here.

To download the original of this paper - with photos exactly as it appeared in the journal Monitor - click here to get the 1.06 mb pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file (it will take up to ten minutes to download).

For a futher comments on snakes of the genus Pailsus
Monitor - Journal of the Victorian Herpetological Society.

New localities in the NT and WA for the genus Pailsus

A new snake from Irian Jaya.
Litteratura Serpentium, December 20(6):178-186.

A current assessment of the status of the snakes of the genera Cannia and Pailsus, including descriptions of three new subspecies from the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Australia.
Boydii - Journal of the Herpetological Society of Queensland Incorporated - July 2001.

Raymond Hoser's nine books include the definitive works "Australian Reptiles and Frogs", "Endangered Animals of Australia" and the controversial best seller "Smuggled - The Underground Trade in Australia's Wildlife".

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