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Victorian Government stops free speech protest - 20 September 2001 - Update.
Free Speech banned already???
See letter below for details:
Also go to:

PO BOX 599
PHONE: +61 3 XXX


TO/ Peter Balfe,
Acting Chief Executive,
VicRoads Head Office Administration
60 Denmark Street
Kew VIC 3101
Phone: (03) 9854-2029
Fax: (03) 9853-0512


Dear Sir,

We have received your fax of yesterday's date.
The information in the letter is misleading and/or irrelevant.
We do not deny the contents of the Transport (Roads and Property) Regulations Act 1993 as cited by you.
However our lawful demonstrations do not constitute unlawful interference with or damage to public property under your department's jurisdiction as referred to in the said act. If it did, your officers would be similarly duty bound to remove and prohibit any and all public vehicles from roads on the basis of alleged interference, which is of course untenable. Likewise for any and all persons who drive vehicles with any signage.
Section 18 of the same act refers to permanent billboards and hoardings. Our banners, used in political free speech demonstrations and never left unattended or in the same place for more than three hours at a time, clearly do not fit within this ambit. Thus section 18 of the act is not relevant to or applicable to us.
Once again we ask you to address the previously raised issues by 5 PM today, including:
1/ An undertaking that neither you or your subordinate employees interfere with our lawful and peaceful protests.
2/ You identify by name and position the "Tony" person referred to in yesterday's letter.
4/ Who in Vicroads directed "Tony".
3/ In the event that you do not wish to make such undertakings (as sought above), we ask that you make such an undertaking pending your obtaining a lawful court order banning us from protesting by hanging banners in the above-mentioned manner over bridges running over Victorian freeways and/or any other locations you may deem fit.
In the event that you make such an application, please note that we would seek to object to it and invoke articles 19 and 28 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Australian High Court Free Speech precedents.

WARNING: Failure to properly acknowledge the receipt of this fax properly and immediately (within the time frame specified in this letter) may result in further and multiple copies being sent.





Click here to view more photos of the demonstration AND/OR a hi res. version.  These photos may be reproduced by anyone provided that at the same place the original photographer (Raymond Hoser) AND weblink to are also acknowledged and/or cited as the source.  These are conditions of reproduction. Balfe's letter to Hoser of 20 Sept 2001 - dated 21 Sept 2001

Hoser letter to Balfe dated 20 Sept 2001 - dated 21 Sept 2001

Earlier demo a success!

Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

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