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Freedom of speech demonstration a success

More planned!!!!

This morning (Friday 20 July 2001), Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls (the man trying to stop free speech in Victoria) and most of his mates were shuffled in via the back door of the hotel in North Melbourne to avoid demonstrators at the front of the Chifley on Flemington Hotel.

Demonstrators had the front entrance covered with loud hailers, placards and the like and were protesting Hulls' attempts to have Australia's leading corruption author Raymond Hoser jailed for printing the truth in his books Victoria Police Corruption 1 and 2.

Hulls was attending a Magistrates conference and states that Hoser and his books should be liquidated and banned because although they are agreed by Hulls as factual, they may undermine public confidence in the State's legal system, which Hulls is now asserting must remain beyond question and scrutiny.

Based on the comments of Deputy Chief Magistrate Brian Barrow today, it seems that Hulls had a sympathetic audience among some inside the hotel, if not outside.

Barrow was adversely named in a number of Hoser's corruption books.

Diverse groups from all sides of the political spectrum have united in protesting Hulls' actions as the precedent in jailing people who publish the truth is a dangerous one.

It is feared that if Hoser is jailed for telling the truth, then Hulls and others in government may invoke the same laws to jail others they deem as a threat to their own "views" and/or to stifle any form of dissent.

The Victorian government is trying to jail Hoser for "contempt", the alleged contempt being that his books, while conceded as true, potentially undermine public confidence in the State's legal system - which Hulls is apparently now asserting is perfect.

Also present at today's demonstration were people from both print and electronic (TV) media.

Numerous police were present to "protect" Hulls and his entourage, however the conduct of the police was without incident and several officers privately stated that they thought Hulls had overstepped his boundaries in terms of suppressing freedom of speech and the public's right to know.

Due to the huge success of this demonstration and the importance of the issue of free speech - more are planned.

Refer to this website's media release archives for further details.

Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

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