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For immediate reportage - August 16 2001 5 PM

Mainstream media in Australia supports totalitarian government in Australia!!


Australia's leading corruption author, Raymond Hoser is set to be jailed on 23 October 2001 - for publishing the truth in his books and at this stage the mainstream media are actively supporting it!
If this and the headline sounds alarming - well it's meant to!
And yes - it's 100 per cent true!
While the tabloid media in Australia is happy to report on such events as the banning of a book in South Africa and human rights violations in distant lands like China and Malaysia, a far bigger story within this very country has been forcibly suppressed.
What is it?
Well it's the total suppression of the right to free speech in Australia.
In what is probably a world first, Australia's leading corruption author, Raymond Hoser is about to be incarcerated for telling the truth.
It's not the first time he's been locked up for telling the truth. The same thing happened to him in 1995 and 1997.
But the difference this time is that no bogus charge as such has been made up.
Last time he was jailed for allegedly lying in court. That's known as "perjury".
In reality there was no lie by Hoser, so the prosecution and corrupt County Court judge had to with-hold the tape and transcript of the relevant court proceedings from the jury (because it contained no lies) and then had to forcibly direct a guilty verdict to a jury that really didn't want to be there.
That too was a world first, so at least Hoser has a decent idea of what to expect from the same group of men.
The judge in that matter, Thomas Neesham had already had aspects of his sordid past detailed in an earlier Hoser book (The Hoser Files, published a year before the case), but true to his form and motive and in a clear act of vengeance, refused to disqualify himself from the later case, even though his bias was patently obvious and in theory should have excluded him from hearing the case.
The Neesham vendetta was clear and the truth never got in the way of him unlawfully forcing a guilty verdict and having Hoser wrongly incarcerated.
Since then, several jurors have complained of being unlawfully bludgeoned into declaring Hoser "guilty" against their will, when they knew he wasn't and worse still the chief prosecution witness John Connell has even admitted to falsifying documents and other evidence in order to have Hoser incarcerated.
Or way back in 1988 Hoser was sentenced to jail for a series of charges falsely alleging he'd assaulted and stolen money from a woman.
The conviction was only overturned some years later after the police informant, Constable Ross Bingley admitted to paying off magistrate Hugh Francis Adams to fix the case and that the entire story against Hoser was a total fabrication.
But for the intervening few years Hoser's impeccable reputation was improperly tarnished by corrupt officials and he want to hell and back then as well.
This time however there are no such trumped up allegations against Hoser.
In May this year, Victoria's Attorney General, the Dishonorable Rob Hulls decided to have Hoser jailed for telling the truth. Yes you read right!
The charge of "contempt" in this matter alleges that material in his best selling "Victoria Police Corruption" books, while totally true and accurate (and cleared as such last year in a series of defamation actions), has the potential to undermine public confidence in the state's legal system and government, which Hulls is now alleging must never be questioned by anyone.
Hoser is to be jailed for up to ten years and have all his assets seized, if Hulls gets his way.
The case is set down for full hearing on 23 October this year.
There have been a number of demonstrations and hundreds of people petitioning the mainstream media to run stories about this unprecedented attack on free speech.
So far - none have.
As recently as 13 August, at a preliminary hearing of the matter a large crowd demonstrated outside the Melbourne Supreme Court against Hull's actions to have Hoser jailed.
Waving placards and banners, they were filmed by all the major TV networks and photographed by the daily rags.
And in spite of it being a relatively quiet news day, the story was suppressed and the general public saw nothing in the news about it.
The Hulls camp has made it clear that they hope to do a re-run of what they did to Hoser in 1995.
That is avoid any media reporting of a deliberate perversion of justice to have Hoser convicted and jailed on false pretenses, and then to hide behind the lie of a false conviction for ever more.
The charge of "contempt" cannot in theory succeed due to the constitutional guarantees of free speech, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Articles 19 and 28 as signed by Australia and a host of other laws.
But as Hoser found out in 1995, the law is to be ignored by a corrupt judge if he sees fit and at this stage, without mainstream media support, Hoser's path to jail seems to be assured.
But that's not the scary part of the story.
The scary part is what it all means.
It means that as a group, Australia's mainstream media appear to be totally under the thumb of a corrupt and totalitarian government. And yes, while the government claims we have free speech and democracy here in Australia, their own actions and that of their controlled media indicate quite clearly that these statements are a lie.
Plus of course the legal "precedent" used to jail Hoser can be used to threaten or jail anyone whom the government decides poses a threat to their own lies and misinformation as peddled by their hacks in the Fairfax and Murdoch press.
So if you want a copy of one of Hoser's corruption books, we advise you to get in before 23 October as the Bracks government, in a move just like that of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, appears to want to have all Hoser's books seized and destroyed.
They really don't want the truth to get out - it's as simple as that.
Oh and who will be the judge who sits in "judgement" of Hoser?
Put it this way, it won't be Hoser who'll select it.
Odds are that it'll be some other crook ex-lawyer (like the convicted tax-evader and liar Judge Robert Kent) and mate of the Attorney General who will do as told by their master.
And with the Attorney General himself being the employer of the judge who hears the case, it is pretty certain that the chances of Hoser actually getting a fair trial in this matter are probably about the same as that of Hell freezing over.
The case against Hoser proper has now been set down for 23 October at the Victorian Supreme Court and is expected to last at least a week.
Everyone's rights are at risk here so please report this matter as widely as you can.
For further details call: 0412 777 211.
Or Access Lawyers on 9381-4994 who are defending author Raymond Hoser and his publisher. Ask for Brenton O'Loughlin.

Details of the case and charges against Hoser, including the writ against Hoser and his publisher can be found at the following website:

Earlier demo a success!

Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

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