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The demonstration for the right to demonstrate - On Monday 13 August - right to tell truth on trial!!!!!

Be there!!!!

Big turnout expected.
This is the real battle.
Monday 13 August is the next demonstration against the Victorian Government and Attorney General Rob Hulls who are trying to jail leading corruption author Raymond Hoser for publishing the truth in his "Victoria Police Corruption" books - books which have already been cleared last year by the Supreme Court as 100 per cent true and correct (by Judge Bill Gillard on 18 April 2000).
If Hulls gets away with this world first - jailing a person for publishing the truth, all other journalists, news media and even demonstrators will be at risk of incarceration should the government so decree.
Likewise any media the government doesn't like can be summarily closed down and the publishers also jailed. This is horrifying stuff!!!!
This case is of far greater importance than the similarly draconian "Peaceful Assemblies Bill", which is also an anti democracy act by Hulls and Bracks that must also be stopped.
The government is hoping that they can quietly jail Hoser so as to run up a "legal precedent" which they can then apply to any and all as they see fit.
Based on the phone calls, faxes, e-mails, etc, happening today - we think it's gonna be a big protest.
Already several media outlets have said they are having reporters and film crews there.
Outside the Supreme Court, corner or Lonsdale and William Streets, Melbourne at 9.15 AM Monday 13 August (for three hours).
Play your part in restoring free speech and democracy in Victoria!!!

For further information call: 0412 777 211 (within Australia).

Earlier demo a success!

Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

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