Ombudsman of Victoria is shown to be corrupt*.
He has been shown to actively protect corrupt police and other crooks in Bracks government circles.
Media Release Embargoed until Midnight Friday 27 August 2004 (for reporting on Saturday)
The new Bracks government appointed Ombudsman, George Brouwer is no better than his corrupt predecessor, Barry Perry.
Perry was apparently bashed and left for dead by a disgruntled "customer" last year and was hospitalized when found by a friend some time later with severe head injuries.
News media reported at the time that he had experienced a "stroke" but didn't report on the likely cause, for fear that other people improperly treated by Perry and other State Government bureaucrats may like the idea of taking the law into their own hands and perhaps take out a few more corrupt public servants.
It was a fear of the "copycat syndrome".
Perry, a nervous man had long been fearful of persons whose lives he'd helped destroy coming after him and had long been in fear for his life.
No longer the full ten cents after the "stroke", he was forced into retirement which led to Steve Bracks appointing a new "yes" man in the form of Brouwer to do the job of "Ombudsman".
While the Ombudsman has been touted as a watchdog against corruption, the reality is that the office is more like a laundry for it.
Evidence of corruption is forewarded to the office of the Ombudsman where it is systematically whitewashed and then declared "unsubstantiated".
This protection of corrupt police and others in government has given rise to the endemic police and judicial corruption now seen in Victoria and that manifests in various forms including judicial protection of rapists and pedophiles, gangland shootings, drink driving politicians escaping without effective penalty, books being seized from shops and shredded and so on.
To much fanfare Brouwer has told the tabloid media of new cooercive powers to be used to root out police corruption.
Barry Perry also repeatedly boasted of these powers, so we are not sure how new they actually are.
However of greater note is that neither choose to use them to root out police corruption.
In 1999 during the Frankston East by election, police unlawfully accessed their computer database to look for "dirt" on independent anti-corruption candidate Raymond Hoser.
This "dirt" (actually misinformation and lies) from the police database was passed on to 3AW Shock jock and serial defamer Steve Price (Yes, he's been found guilty of defamation of  Cecil Hesse, in which case he was found guilty of lying about another political candidate who wasn't from his favorite Liberal Party).  Price is also the man that gave the blow-by-blow description on air of the non-existent Latham sex video in 2004.  He was later forced to admit the description had been made up.
Anyway, on 6 July 2004, the new Ombudsman Brouwer, under the guidance of departmental hatchet man Brian Hardiman (the man who effectively protected pedophile police at Maryborough, country Victoria in the 1990's), sent Hoser a letter saying that police corruption wasn't sufficient reason for him to use his allegedly new coercive powers.
If police corruption isn't important enough a reason to use coercive powers, then one can assume nothing else is likely to be either!
This proves emphatically that the new Steve Bracks and Rob Hulls appointed Ombudsman, George Brouwer is in fact protecting criminals in the Victorian Police.
Their media claims to the contrary are exposed by this private letter to be another lie!
As sections of the mainstream media only report the Bracks/Brouwer line on things which as seen here isn't true, we ask that the details of the letter are widely disseminated.
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* Corruption here is defined in the same way as in the "Victoria Police Corruption" books published in 1999 and seized from bookshops, libraries, etc, by Police under the direction of the Bracks government who is evidently keen on protecting corrupt cops and others who at times guard criminal enterprises and activities operated or perpetrated by ALP luminaries.
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