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20 Feb 2003


Release by Whistleblowers Australia, Victorian Office

In his book THEHOSER FILES, Australia's leading corruption author, Raymond Hoser gave a detailed account of corruption in Vicroads.

He detailed the car stealing rackets being run in conjunction with corrupt Vicroads employees and had all the proof to back the claims up.

His book detailed Vicroads officials systematically engaged in forgery, frauds, assaults, bashings, etc.

The names of the corrupt Vicroads officers as identified in Hoser's 1995 book (and most of whom are still employed there) is on the internet at:

although so far the newspapers have pretended they don't know who in Vicroads are involved.

Amazing, as Hoser and several thousand of his readers do!

And the book is still available at all good bookshops and the internet at:

Notable is how as a result this publication that exposed the truth, Hoser had his income source (his taxi license) revoked, (and it remains that way after nine years, even though criminals and murderers are allowed to drive taxis around Melbourne).

Hoser was also denied a government issued taxi plate to which he was entitled.

They are now worth more than $300,000.

Hoser was jailed in 1995 and 1997 by corrupt County Court Judge Tom Neesham who said Hoser's claims against Vicroads were "wild conspiracy theories" and then forcibly directed a jury to convict Hoser when several jurors (in tears) didn't want to.

That case is detailed in the book 'Victoria Police Corruption - 2" which the Bracks government has spent millions of dollars trying to ban and as a result few bookshops sell it, even though the courts have ruled it illegal to suppress sales.

What this all means, besides of course that the latest exposure of the Vicroads scams vindicates Hoser completely, is that the 3,500 latest victims all have a strong legal claim against the Victorian government for Malfeascence in office and Steve Bracks personally is culpable.

He's been aware of the racket since before his party came to government in 1999 and so too has the Attorney General Rob Hulls and other senior ministers.

Whistleblowers Australia notes that the evidence of the racket has been there for all to see since Hoser published his book in 1995.

Whistleblowers Australia hereby calls on a legal firm with ethics to launch a class action against the Victorian government and Vicroads on behalf of all victims of car theft who have not received payouts from insurance companies since June 1995 in terms of the car-stealing rackets aided and abetted by corrupt Vicroads officers and police, noting that June 1995 was the date Hoser first published "The Hoser Files", which exposed the racket.

Furthermore Whisteblowers Australia also calls on insurance companies to take the brave step and sue the government for compensation for all the claims paid out as a result of cars stolen via the Vicroads orchestrated rackets.

In the wake of this latest exposure of corruption, the detail of which has been effectively lifted from Hoser's 1995 book (the second half to be exact) Whistleblowers Australia also calls on the Bracks government to withdraw their unprecedented legal action against Hoser and publisher.

This legal action is an attempt to have Hoser jailed for publishing the truth about corruption in Vicroads and the police in the books "Victoria Police Corruption" (1 and 2) and "The Hoser Files".

Perhaps more importantly, Whistleblowers Australia calls on the mainstream media to show some ethics for a change and cite Raymond Hoser as the original source of the exposure of the Vicroads scams and note how he has suffered enormous losses as a result.

Further information can be obtained from the author of THE HOSER FILES, Raymond Hoser, on 0412 777 211.

Also while talking vindication of Hoser's corruption books, please note the e-mail below relating to the book VICTORIA POLICE CORRUPTION, published in 1999 and which has also been the subject of intense suppression by the Bracks government and their lackeys in the tabloid media. It appears that they have stolen yet another storyline from the books and will no doubt fail to properly attribute their source.


Ron Irwin/ Denis Tanner


Thu, 20 Feb 2003 10:04:47 +1100


"XXXX" <>


Watch out for Monday or Tuesday's Herald Sun and channel 7 news for Ron Irwin's version of the Denis Tanner story, I am sure you will find it interesting. See he was involved with the Gerry McHugh case last week on the news and in the Herald Sun.

They believe they can prove Denis innocent. Next week is supposed to be a big shock to the Victorian Police. Don't know much else at this stage, except they do have your books as one of their reference points.

Love Always, XXX.

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