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(18 August 2002)
We got that letter...
The one we weren't meant to see!

After several letters (unanswered) to Pat McCabe at Deacons lawyers and approaching numerous libraries and others who were illegally threatened by ex-magistrate Hugh Francis Adams and his lawyers (McCabe at Deacons), we finally managed to get hold of one of these "top-secret" letters. When you read it's garbled and dishonestly written dialogue, you can see why it was so important to keep the letter away from anyone who may actually read beyond the threats to see if the claims within the letter actually had merit.

In summary, the letter is a collection of misleading statements and lies, which we suppose is what you'd expect from a corrupt man like Hugh Adams and lawyer's he'd get to do his bidding. The letter was obtained via a NSW Library service on our behalf. The cleverly written letter falsely alleges that material in the relevant Hoser books is wrong and in particular is wrong in relation to Adams. Now this is obviously wrong. Besides the fact that it is the Eames judgement that is wrong, not the books, the letter falsely implies that Eames found against Hoser in terms of his statements against Adams. This is NOT so. In fact Eames by and large agreed in his written judgement that Hoser's books were truthful with regards to Adams. Adams himself knows this as he himself spoke with the VGS people after the judgement was handed down, presumably leading the VGS to subsequently cross-appeal the Eames judgement (out of time) with regards to the Adams matter, claiming that Eames was legally wrong to have found that the material in relation to Adams was true and in particular that the tape and transcript of Policeman Ross Bingley's confession of "paying off" Adams to fix a court case actually existed. (And that's why you can now download this very tape from the internet at:
just to confirm for yourself it really exists! ... and has done so since December 1988!

But as for the letter itself, we've gone and posted that little bit of tripe (the letter itself) at: for download.

Yes, we note that it is in contempt of the Eames judgement (and earlier Gillard Judgement) and a breach of trade practices laws, but we don't expect Adams to be charged with eaither in a hurry. But it is strange that a man who was in his working life charged with punishing those who didn't abide by the laws of the land, seems so intent on breaking them himself!)

So for a more full account of why Adams is so intent on suppressing the truth about his poor performance as a magistrate in the past, go to the media release at:

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