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Ex-Magistrate appears to be in contempt of his own court!

...Shred and destroy all Hoser corruption books!

(5 August 2002)

No this is not Nazi Germany.

This is worse.

You are hearing from what may be an even more corrupt Australia in the 21st Century.

This is the latest installment in never-ending the saga of the corrupt Victorian Government and their allies trying to stop people from reading Raymond Hoser's ground-breaking corruption books.

Back in the 1930's when dictator Adolf Hitler ordered books critical of his government to be burnt and destroyed, his decrees were made well known and there was no fraud in terms of his government pretending to be anything else other than dictatorial and suppressing the truth.

In Australia in the 21st century the reverse is true. Prostituting itself as open, accountable and democratic, the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Quite often those in government or government appointed positions of power are doing their best to suppress the truth about their criminal and other improper activities.

The latest installment in this sorry saga started on about 8 February 2002, although we only found out on 22 July 2002.

For those unaware of the goings on so far, the Victorian government has done everything it can to suppress the truth as published in Raymond Hoser's corruption best-sellers, Victoria Police Corruption, Victoria Police Corruption - 2 and the earlier top seller, The Hoser Files: The Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption, which when published in 1995 exposed the rotten underbelly of Victoria's corrupt police force and equally corrupt judiciary.

One of the characters who featured in these books was the corrupt magistrate Hugh Francis Adams, who knowingly and deliberately sentenced Raymond Hoser to six weeks jail in 1988 for offences Adams knew Hoser hadn't committed.

Adams knew this, because in the trial proper, over which he presided, he heard a covertly made tape recording of a police officer, the informant, Ross Allen Bingley admitting that all the charges against Hoser were fabricated!

Adams ignored the truth and sentenced Hoser to jail.

The corrupt and improper verdict and conviction was overturned two years later following a taped confession by the same corrupt police informant Ross Allen Bingley that stated he had paid off Adams to fix the verdict and penalty in the court case.

That also effectively explained why Bingley was never charged for the perjury he'd committed during the hearing, before Hoser's lawyer produced the covertly made tape of Bingley stating he was fabricating the charges against Hoser.

In due course and after Hoser had made the corrupt Adams judgement and it's aftermath well known, via The Hoser Files, there was even further scrutiny of some of his other judgements that flew in the face of logic, including his findings in the original and totally bungled inquest into Jennifer Tanner who was murdered at Bonnie Doon in Victoria.

In hindsight it has become clear that Adams bungled the inquest to such an extent, that the person who murdered Tanner, her brother-in-law, Policeman Denis Tanner, was allowed to escape being charged with the murder he committed.

Not only that, but Adams even went so far as to formally clear Tanner of the crime he committed.

Adams also was the same magistrate who apparently went unusually easy on police-protected heroin trafficker and drug tzar Denis Allen in the 1980's.

As mentioned already, the Bingley/Adams matter was properly documented in full in The Hoser Files: The Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption in 1995. Shortly after the release of the book in 1995, Adams quit as magistrate.

Sometime after the release of the book, when some of Adams' other judgements, including the Jennifer and Denis Tanner matters came under renewed scrutiny, it became obvious that the "form" of Adams would have to also be revisited by author Raymond Hoser. The reason being that the Bingley/Adams matter, officially written off as a one-off indiscretion by senior police and the Attorney General's Department, now no longer seemed to be such an isolated incident in terms of judicial mismanagement.

For those that may not recall, Adams is the magistrate who used his official position of Coroner to formally clear corrupt policeman Denis Tanner of killing his sister in law, Jennifer Tanner. Adams went along with the impossible police version of events in that Tanner had shot herself four times with a rifle and that Tanner had nothing to do with the murder. A couple of decades later, another coroner, Graeme Johnstone formally found that Adams had totally bungled the first inquest and he reversed the corrupt and impossible Adams findings to confirm that Tanner was indeed the murderer. However, due to the time involved, Tanner could not be charged with murder and thus Adams had in effect allowed a corrupt cop to get away with a very serious murder.

Now notwithstanding this and other matters heard by Adams that didn't stand up to independent and impartial scrutiny, it was inevitable that Adams and his impossible legal judgements were raised again in both the books Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption - 2 which came out some years after The Hoser Files.

Now bearing in mind that the actions of Adams had in effect aided and abetted police corruption and the latter was the subject of both books, it was only reasonable for the Adams judgements to be mentioned.

Adams was probably lucky in that Raymond Hoser chose not to raise a number of less well known court findings by Adams in other unrelated cases and involving several other litigants solely on that basis that Hoser didn't want to wage a campaign against Adams specifically and that space and other constraints kept this material out of the books.

However, enough has appeared in Hoser's books and their distribution has been wide enough to make sure many Victorians have found out the truth not just about Adams himself, but the depth of corruption in the legal system in general.

And yes, the sheer number of obvious and what are most likely deliberate defects in the Eames judgement against Hoser in the "Truth on trial case" finalized in November and December 2001 for publishing the truth in his books goes one step further to proving just how stubborn and entrenched judicial corruption really is, here in Victoria.

Adams was present during the "Truth on trial" case in 2001 where Hoser faced the unusual charge of undermining public confidence in the legal system for publishing the truth in his books.

Hull's fellow Labor Lawyer, (now turned Judge) Geoffrey Eames found against Hoser in a defective judgement (see elsewhere for lists of some or all those defects), and Eames fined Hoser and publisher an exorbitant amount ($5,000 plus an estimated $30,000 in costs), but in a strange judicial twist ruled that sales of the books may continue.

The finding is being appealed (even though we've since been advised that the result of this appeal has already been predetermined against Hoser and publisher), but pending this result, this means that any attempts to stop sales and distribution of the books would be a contempt of court in that it is disobeying the orders of a Supreme Court Judge.

This is particularly so in view of the failed writs and injunctions also seeking to ban and stop sales and distribution of the books.

And here's the fact that ties all the above together!

On or about 8 February this year (Hoser's birthday) and with full knowledge of all the above, ex Magistrate Hugh Francis Adams in contempt of the Supreme Court of Victoria (a higher branch of the same court he previously sat on himself) wrote to libraries across the state of Victoria seeking the removal of Hoser books from their shelves.

Once again the truth was to be stopped, hidden and hopefully destroyed.

We only found out about this by accident on 22 July 2002, when we were phoned by a person who told us that the libraries on the Mornington Peninsula (outer Melbourne) had removed Hoser books from their shelves.

A call to this and other libraries across Victoria revealed that on or about 8 February 2002, a lawyer, Mr. Pat McCabe from Deacons, a Melbourne-based law wrote on behalf of Hugh Adams to libraries and elsewhere telling them to remove Hoser's books.

His contact details are at:

Pat McCabe, Deacons Lawyers, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Phone: 03-8686-6250, Fax: 03-8686-6505.

Several librarians spoken to also said that they had also been phoned and told to shred and destroy all Hoser's books.

Librarians were also instructed not to tell Raymond Hoser or his publishing company of what was happening. No doubt this was to ensure that the apparently illegal contempt of court by Adams and his agents was to remain unknown for as long as possible.

Objecting to this directive, the governing body for Victoria's libraries ("Viclink") sought their own legal advice. We've been advised that they were told to buckle under to the pressure because they were told that Hulls was now seeking such an order in his cross-appeal and that failure to do so, may result in other reprisals for library staff who failed to undertake the directive.

McCabe doesn't seem to want to answer the letters we send him as we have yet to get a reply to copies of a letter sent to him (and received by his firm) as far back as 26 July 2002.

And so, as of August 2002., most Victorian libraries no longer have Hoser's corruption books available for research by students and others.

The story gets worse. You see the same advice has gone out to booksellers, many of whom had just started selling the books again after the last round of illegal threats against the books had finally been neutralized.

Now, what can you, the concerned citizens of Australia do?

1/ If in doubt about any of the matters relating to Hugh Adams, you can access all the relevant transcripts tapes and documents via the website:

including the transcripts (and/or tapes), of the 1988 case where he improperly and knowingly sentenced an innocent Raymond Hoser to six weeks jail, as well as the original transcripts (or tapes) of corrupt policeman Ross Bingley admitting to A/ Falsifying the charges against Hoser in the first instance and B/ Admitting to paying off magistrate Hugh Adams to fix the case. And then the Eames and Gillard judgements from the Supreme Court of Victoria formally ruling that above-mentioned Hoser corruption books may still be sold and distributed are also available here as well.

2/ Ring up talk-back radio, newspapers, TV and elsewhere and get the message out that a corrupt former magistrate is apparently illegally trying to stop the truth about his own sordid past being known to the public at large. Don't let the mainstream media suppress the story.

3/ Try for yourself and get hold of the letters from Adams and his lawyers, that as of today's date, we've still been unable to set eyes on.

4/ Ring up Adams or write to him at his home address: 22 Murray Street, Mentone, Victoria, 3194, and ask him why he is trying to hide the truth about his sordid past. Bearing in mind we never got any response from him prior to the publication of the above-mentioned Victoria Police Corruption books, even though we sent him material for comment, it'd be interesting to see if he can engage in any decent dialogue on the matter without resorting to hiding behind lawyers he appears to have instructed to do nothing more than obscenely hide the truth.

(STOP PRESS: We just got hold of the letter we weren't meant to! It is a collection of misleading statements and lies, which we suppose is what you'd expect from a corrupt man like Hugh Adams and lawyer's he'd get to do his bidding. The letter was obtained via a NSW Library service on our behalf. The cleverly written letter falsely alleges that material in the relevant Hoser books is wrong and in particular is wrong in relation to Adams. Now this is obviously wrong. Besides the fact that it is the Eames judgement that is wrong, not the books, the letter falsely implies that Eames found against Hoser in terms of his statements against Adams. This is NOT so. In fact Eames agreed that Hoser's books were truthful with regards to Adams. Adams himself knows this as he himself spoke with the VGS people after the judgement was handed down, presumably leading the VGS to subsequently cross-appeal th Eames judgement (out of time) with regards to the Adams matter, claiming that Eames was legally wrong to have found that the material in relation to Adams was true and in particular that the tape and transcript of Policeman Ross Bingley's confession of "paying off" Adams to fix a court case actually existed. (And that's why you can now download this very tape from the internet at:
just to confirm for yourself it really exists! ... and has done so since December 1988!

But as for the letter itself, we've gone and posted that little bit of tripe (the letter itself) at: for download.

Yes, we note that it is in contempt of the Eames judgement (and earlier Gillard Judgement) and a breach of trade practices laws, but we don't expect Adams to be charged with eaither in a hurry. But it is strange that a man who was in his working life charged with punishing those who didn't abide by the laws of the land, seems so intent on breaking them himself!)

Meanwhile on other matters, the Eames judgement against Hoser and his publisher hasn't just upset them.

Another man, Desmond Burke was falsely accused by Eames in his written judgement of being a Hoser planted rent-a-witness in a case in 1988, which Eames went on to say was (co-incidentally) heard in front of Hugh Adams.

Where Eames got this wild conspiracy theory from we do not know. You see, no one has ever made this one up before! However Burke is not too happy about being accused of such a fact, particularly when he was not present at the case and had nothing to do with it, and up until now, Burke's impeccable reputation had never been questioned by anyone on the bench.

As a result, Burke has now signaled an intention to seek leave to appear at the Court of Appeal to overturn what is in effect an adverse judgement against himself.

This is not the first time Eames has faced himself in such a position. At the present time, a well-known Sydney based lawyer Brian Wilson, a senior partner at Clayton Utz, has just won the right to appear before the Victorian Court of Appeal to overturn a judgement by Eames that he says makes wild conspiracy claims against himself.

For those who may wish to ask Eames himself where he came up with this hair-brained wild conspiracy theory about Burke being a rent-a-witness in a case that he had nothing to do with, his address details are:

Geoffrey Michael Eames, 18 Lawes Street, Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122. Phone: 9853 9948.

And if he says anything of sense, that also checks out against the known and provable facts to make sense, please let us know. We're very curious.

And while Eames and his mates may claim he was appointed to the position of Supreme Court Judge on the basis of merit, we must seriously question this on the basis of his defective judgement against Hoser and his publishing company.

Sure, you'd expect Eames and his mates to claim that favoritism played no part in the judgement, but we are not so sure.

You see, for the record, Eames was appointed to the Supreme Court on 26 May 1992 in the dying days of the failed Kirner Government.

Eames was appointed to the bench by fellow Labor Lawyer, Attorney General Jim Kennan.

Now Kennan and Eames go back quite some time. Long before this, the pair co-authored a political rant in 1973 that was published as a small book by the Fabian Socialist section of the ALP. (Eames authored a number of ranting and anti-business publications for this group in the 1970's, which even now appears to manifest itself in some of his legal judgements as posted on the Austlii site, including the judgement for which Brian Wilson is seeking to overturn).

But to make things even worse, Rob Hulls has now appointed his fellow Labor lawyer turned Judge, Geoffrey Eames to sit on the very same court of appeal, and so we will end up finding Eames' immediate judicial colleagues and mates sitting in judgement of Eames, or perhaps worse still, Eames himself sitting in judgement of his own defective judgement!

Yes, we've been advised that the result of this as yet unheard appeal has been predetermined. And yes, we even have other indicators from the judiciary itself on this. As recently as July 30 this year (or thereabouts) Judge Vincent, one of the most senior in the Supreme Court, publicly backed Rob Hulls for "defending" the Victorian judiciary from attacks. Bearing in mind that the only person prosecuted in recent times for "scandalizing the courts" by Hulls is Raymond Hoser, it is clear that Vincent at least has made up his mind on the matter in terms of what should happen to Hoser for telling the truth.

And what about the other judges who may sit on the court of appeal?

Well in 1997 when Hoser fronted the same court of appeal the three judges sitting on the case didn't even bother to read a transcript of the case being appealed. But that didn't stop them finding against Hoser anyway.

In that case at least, truth evidently played no part in their verdict.

We expect a similar effort by the appeal court for this latest matter.

How else will they otherwise address the numerous defects in the written judgement by Eames?

How else will they be able to whitewash other Eames conspiracies, such as that of Hoser withholding a letter from his readers, when it is copied in the book in question, (that Eames either failed to read (contrary to his statement he had) or chose to ignore), or that conspiracy theory against Hoser whereby Eames falsely accused Hoser of offering only one explanation for the wrong Adams judgement of 1988 as written up in The Hoser Files, when the relevant pages contained several!

And yes, the latest in this denial of truth is that the Victorian Government and Hulls are now denying that Policeman Ross Bingley ever made such a confession (paying off magistrate Adams). Yes, it's in their cross-appeal documents, which the Court of Appeal improperly allowed to be processed, even though they were lodged well out of time and would have been summarily rejected had it been the likes of Hoser's side lodging them out of time. We find all this particularly strange as for years the police and the courts have freely acknowledged the tape and transcript as accurate and we have reams of letters from them stating just this.

But just to show up how ridiculous this latest denial of truth by the Victorian government is, we have put the Bingley confession on the www for all to download and hear!

Go to:
To hear a corrupt cop confess his misdeeds in all his glory!

And what is now being done to suppress Hoser's books and crucify him for telling the truth will be used as a precedent to stifle any future disclosures of corruption in high places.

Already we've been advised that the NSW Labor government has set-up a so-called "hit list" of whistleblowers to charge with "contempt" and similar matters for committing that most serious of all crimes. That is, telling truth about corruption in high places.

Freedom loving people should expose and fight this insidious corruption before it is too late!

For all the relevant transcripts, you can view them at: and links from that site.

For the doubters, at "" there are the sound files of any and all the relevant cases, just so that the voices can be matched to the transcripts and so on. The size of these files precludes them from being put on the internet. However they can be ordered on CD-rom via the above website and/or links from it.

Since publication of The Hoser Files, Raymond Hoser has published two more books detailing corruption within the Victoria Police. Victoria Police Corruption is the most detailed summary of Police corruption (anywhere) published to date. Unlike The Hoser Files, this 736 page book does not detail matters involving or affecting the author. The book details police officers controlling the drug trade, murders, thefts, set-ups, assaults, pedophile police, police raping citizens, Maryborough rapes, the Denis Tanner murder/s, mass strip-searches, drink driving cops, political corruption, allegedly bent commissioners (specific case information), sex scandals, money laundering and much more.

Victoria Police Corruption - 2 is an 800 page book published at the same time as Victoria Police Corruption. It details Police corruption matters not detailed in The Hoser Files or Victoria Police Corruption. Matters covered in Victoria Police Corruption - 2 include corrupt judges and magistrates including those who rape kids, prisons, set-ups, more criminal activity by Police and much more.

To search the entire contents of The Hoser Files, or other corruption titles, please click here.

To order The Hoser Files, or other corruption titles, please click here.


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