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The Hoser Files - Names Placed online!

We are constantly being inundated for the list of names of all the judges, magistrates and other government officials proven as corrupt in The Hoser Files (and the primary sources from which the book is derived).
After publishing the book itself, we decided to put all the sources and transcripts onto a single CD-rom.
That is of course "The Hoser Collection" CD-rom, which has become an essential research tool to media journalists, academics and others who must investigate and cross-reference information on corruption.
Following the Eames judgement against Raymond Hoser late in 2001 (see the links at:, we decided to give the public at large an entrée into the wild conspiracy theories and lies that only the likes of a magistrate or a Supreme Court judge could get away with and still keep his job.
Yes, by way of example the false allegation by Eames that a Mr. Des Burke was somehow a rent-a-witness for Raymond Hoser in a 1988 court case was shattered by mere cross referencing of the officially sanctioned and recorded transcript made at the time in December 1988, or by cross referencing with the equally accurate record as published in The Hoser Files.
You see Mr. Burke was not only not a witness in the case, but he had nothing to do with it!
Yes, Eames it seems had apparently made the whole thing up!
Now could you imagine the outcry if Hoser had made up and put in print such a false and baseless conspiracvy theory? And yet for Eames, all you have is an official silence and yet more undertakings from the equally dishonourable Attorney General of Victoria, Rob Hulls to litigate and liquidate whistleblower Raymond Hoser.
And yes, as reward for publishing such lies and conspiracy theories, Hulls even promoted his fellow Labor lawyer to go to the highest court of the state, the Court of Appeal!
Oh and just so that there could be no doubt that Eames could have confused Burke with someone else, we even went so far as to put, Eames' judgement on the www along with the transcripts of the case, which makes it patently clear that Eames was totally unconfused about the fact that the allegations were against Burke and he knew full well who Burke was.
Then we decided to send out copies of CD-roms with the tapes of the 1988 case and on the same CD-rom also some sound footage of Burke's voice from another tape recording made in early 1989, just to show remove the other possibility (?) that perhaps Burke had fronted court under another name!
You see Hoser's enemies don't seem to stop at anything to peddle their lies. (That CD-rom is still available).
But of course this gets us back to square one.
You see a Supreme Court judge supposedly examined Hoser's books looking for errors of fact and at the end of the day found none (save for his easily demonstrated lies about rent-a-witnesses and the like), which gets us back to NO ERRORS IN HOSER'S BOOKS.
Now numerous people have been able to work out the glaring defects in the Eames judgement for themselves, and as a result, there's been an increase in people wanting to know at a glance which other members of the judiciary, police and elsewhere are accurately adversely named in Hoser's ground-breaking corruption books.
Sure we have the general books search at:,
but we decided to put the lists of names of who is in each book on the www.
However this is no minor task and may take some time.
Try going through over a million words and indexing them?
However to whet people's appetites and to provide an easy reference for those thinking of obtaining Hoser's corruption books, we've started with a list of names as published in The Hoser Files, including identifying who was adversely named in the book.
To see who's who in terms of judicial and police corruption here in Victoria, Australia, a good place to start is with the list of names as detailed in The Hoser Files.
Go to: for the full list.

To view a list of all people named in this ground-breaking expose on corruption

Since publication of The Hoser Files, Raymond Hoser has published two more books detailing corruption within the Victoria Police. Victoria Police Corruption is the most detailed summary of Police corruption (anywhere) published to date. Unlike The Hoser Files, this 736 page book does not detail matters involving or affecting the author. The book details police officers controlling the drug trade, murders, thefts, set-ups, assaults, pedophile police, police raping citizens, Maryborough rapes, the Denis Tanner murder/s, mass strip-searches, drink driving cops, political corruption, allegedly bent commissioners (specific case information), sex scandals, money laundering and much more.

Victoria Police Corruption - 2 is an 800 page book published at the same time as Victoria Police Corruption. It details Police corruption matters not detailed in The Hoser Files or Victoria Police Corruption. Matters covered in Victoria Police Corruption - 2 include corrupt judges and magistrates including those who rape kids, prisons, set-ups, more criminal activity by Police and much more.

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