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Australia’s leading corruption author Raymond Hoser has been vindicated yet again. The following statement is now starting to sound like a broken record.

Now the Victoria Police have belatedly admitted that yet another in a long line of sensational allegations from Hoser’s books is also on the mark.

In the book Victoria Police Corruption Hoser remarked how Police in the St. Kilda area stored illegal guns and other weapons in the ceilings of a police station so that they had a ready supply to plant on suspects or people they shot and killed in error.

In August a Police spokesman claimed Hoser’s statement to be "false and baseless", going on to say "the idea that guns would be hidden in the ceiling of a Victorian Police station is merely a product of Raymond Hoser’s fertile imagination. It would never happen!".

Yesterday, senior Police admitted that in an internal investigations raid, they’d located a sizeable cache of weapons in the ceiling of the St. Kilda Police station, including guns, knives, a traffickable quantity of marijuana and what was thought to be a sizeable quantity of powder drugs (probably heroin, cocaine or similar).

It is understood that the raid was prompted as a result of a series of complaints arising in the wake of publication of Hoser’s book.

Just two weeks ago the homicide squad admitted that Hoser had got it right in his book Victoria Police Corruption when he’d said that the prime suspect in the 1997 Jane Thurgood-Dove murder case was a serving policeman. When the book was released last August a spokesman on behalf of the Victoria Police said "Hoser’s assertion that a serving Policeman hired two hitmen to kill Mrs. Thurgood Dove is pure fantasy. Such a statement by Hoser in his book is proof that he is given to wild conspiracy theories and typifies the sort of trash that he publishes. There is no factual basis for his assertions"

Both the Herald-Sun and the Age have now belatedly reported what Hoser had said in his best-selling book eight months earlier. Just weeks before this the two papers found themselves six months behind Hoser’s book when they reported on key aspects of the Higgs and Pilarinos drugs matters involving high-level police corruption that had already been covered in the book.

Another telling sign of the accuracy of the book is that since publication, over 100 Victoria Police have quit their jobs in the eight months following publication, including a number adversely named in the book. This rate of quittings is believed to be an all-time high and cannot be attributed to any other factor.

Several police are on the record stating that ‘Victoria Police Corruption is giving the police untold grief.’ An unexpected consequence of the book’s publication is that a number of new complainants are coming out of the woodwork, both with new allegations against police and further evidence to corroborate the book’s contents. This includes a number of serving and former Police who have come out in support of Hoser’s book/s.

Today, author Raymond Hoser said "while the latest police statements provide further vindication of what I’ve been alleging for years, I don’t expect any thanks from senior police. After all, evidence suggests that they’ve done their best to hide this sort of thing from the media for the last several years. In the main they’ve been successful".

Meanwhile both the Herald-Sun and the Age are looking increasingly stupid by continually printing material from Hoser’s books while pretending that the books don’t exist. The thousands of readers of Hoser’s books know better, and their numbers are increasing daily. A number of regional dailies are not so constrained and have gone so far as to give Hoser’s books front page coverage. Kotabi now sells the books on the basis that the Herald-Sun and Age won’t print details of them because they are "too hot too handle".

Sales of the books are powering along since a failed injunction attempt by a police informant and convicted extortionist Anthony Adam Zoccoli about three weeks ago. Zoccoli had been supported in his injunction attempt by the Victorian Ombudsman’s office.

A sales rep at Collins Chadstone said that Victoria Police Corruption was their most commonly requested title. The manager at Polyester in Fitzroy said ‘We get boxes of Victoria Police Corruption 1 and 2 in, and as fast as we get them, they’re sold’. Most shops across Melbourne reported a similar sales pattern.

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