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Raymond Hoser was born in the UK in 1962 and came to Australia shortly after. He was educated at North Sydney High School and Sydney University, living in Sydney until 1985.
From age four, he has been interested in reptiles and has kept them as pets. By age thirteen he had published his first paper in a scientific journal, and has since published numerous papers in journals worldwide.
Until 1984 Raymond was famous for his activities in the field of reptiles, particularly his expert keeping and breeding of various species. At St Ives, and Redfern he had what were probably the best reptile captive breeding facilities in Australia.
However, Raymond became equally famous for his attempts to expose corruption within the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service and elsewhere in the late 1970's and 1980's. This culminated in a harassment campaign by the NPWS against him, which eventually led to the termination of most of his reptile-keeping activities. Continued Mafia-style harassment forced him to leave New South Wales in l985, but he has since managed to continue his herpetological interests.
Raymond doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks and put his head on the chopping block for the public benefit. He has led major campaigns to help the conservation cause. He started the push for a change in so-called protective legislation in New South Wales, and against the Cane Toad threat to our wildlife. In both cases he was vilified and ridiculed, before his stand was vindicated some years down the track.
This book represents a continuation of his conservation efforts.

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