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For a number of reasons this book constitutes one of the major works on Australian reptiles and frogs. It has detailed descriptions of over 200 species, and over 400 full colour photos, (At the time of publication in 1989, this was the largest collection of colour Australian reptile and frog photographs ever published in a single volume).
More importantly however, this book contains chapters relating to all other important aspects of Australia's reptiles and frogs. This includes their origins, natural history (in detail), classification,
identification, snake bite, habitats, catching, handling, keeping, breeding, photographing, etc. An important chapter dealing with reptile and frog conservation is also included.
The author's 20 years of active research and conservation are shown in the pages of this book, and through the excellent photography, which includes many world firsts. Some world firsts shown in this book include photos of copulating snakes of different species, snakes feeding and
copulating simultaneously, etc, and breeding of the recently re-discovered Ant-Hill Python Antaresia (=Bothrochilus) perthensis.
Further, because this book is not a strict 'taxonomic work' the information contained within its pages is not likely to ever become out dated, (a problem with some other recently published works).
Unlike many other books on this subject, all information is presented in a concise easily readable manner, which makes this book essential reading to both novice and expert alike.

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The above was from the book Australian Reptiles and Frogs by Raymond Hoser and now available on a fantastic CD-Rom along with a vast amount of other information, papers and the like on reptiles, frogs and other wildlife.

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