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Reprinted from the Anarchist Age Weekly Review
384 24-30 January 2000, page one.


Raymond Hoser, the anti-corruption crusader who's despised by the mass media has been instrumental in exposing more dubious media practices in Victoria. Late last year Raymond Hoser set the cat among, the commercial radio pigeons when he exposed the cosy arrangement that 3AW's Steve Price, had been able to arrange for himself at 3AW.

Just in case you think that the front page treatment of Bruce Mansfield's demise in the Melbourne Age was due to the Fairfax boys and girls fearlessly following a story, think again. It looks like the Age was once again following in the footsteps of the anticorruption activist Raymond Hoser. In late September Hoser had a letter published in the Ad-News and the West Australian which called into question the practices of some of Melboume's 3AW staff.

Interestingly Bruce Mansfield, the 3AW presenter who was pushed off the air by 3AW managers, had Raymond Hoser on air on his program on 3AW a few days before he got his marching orders.

After his letter appeared in the West Australian, 3AW's lawyers got in touch with Raymond. Believing he was about to be dragged through the courts, Mr. Hoser went to the Australian Broadcasting Authority and the rest is history. The only problem with this version of events is that no one has given credit, where credit is due and Raymond Hoser's work has once again been used by the mass media without them acknowledging his contribution to the anti-corruption struggle.


(Actually I was wrong).

In the Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.382, I did an article about how David (Raymond) defeated Goliath (The Age) and I said Raymond's books on Victoria Police Corruption 1 and 2 were published on the net. Raymond has told me that these books are not on line publications, they are 'hard' books totalling 1536 pages.


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