Out of control:   Corruption
www.policecorruption.com ....Previously covered-up info.

From the Anarchist Age Weekly Review
Number 382 10-16 January 2000, page 1.


Ever wondered where those cleaner than clean major dailies get their information from? Well it seems our friends in The Age aren't adverse to using other people's information without their permission.

Raymond Hoser, the author of the best selling Internet publications, POLICE CORRUPTION and VICTORIA POLICE CORRUPTIONS 2 is no stranger to run ins with people in authority. His life has been turned upside down by people in authority who would prefer he just disappeared into thin air.

Corruption flourishes at all levels in our community because this country's newspapers are not willing to lift the lid or this dirty bubbling cauldron. When they do decide to peek into the cauldron they use other people's work and don't even credit their sources. In 1998-1999 The Melbourne Age (a newspaper that likes to stand on its purer than pure reputation) not only directly used material out of Raymond Hoser's books, they also scanned in and used some of the photos published in his books. A no no in this mad copyright world.

Raymond took the matter to the Federal court. It was listed for hearing in the Federal Court in late '99. Before the matter came to a hearing The Age paid Raymond Hoser $10,000 dollars for using his material without permission. By managing to keep the matter out of the Court.

The Age has not been found guilty of any offence and can continue to pedal its lilywhite line.

Interestingly, although no Melbourne papers have carried his stories, The Bendigo Advertiser has treated some of his revelations as front page news and have claimed that The Age is using material from Hoser's books without Hoser's permission, a cardinal crime in a capitalist society.

Raymond Hoser still has a few stories about corruption left in him. If you would like to access his material or if you have material you want to pass on to him he can be contacted via:

Raymond Hoser (AAC),
P.O. Box 599, Doncaster 3108, Melbourne Australia.
Tel 0412 777 211

  Out of control:   Corruption
www.policecorruption.com ....Previously covered-up info.

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