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Further source information in relation to the defamation action by

Anthony Adam Zoccoli

Denis Stevenson 02 66 804313 (ex MP, ex-NSW cop)

E-mail: rocket@mullum.com.au

Dean Jones (former lawyer for Marabito)

(BTW He spoke with Hoser a few years ago, but Hoser had failed to recall this)

Described Zoccoli as a "low life"

Level 8, 395 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001,

03 9614 5955 (Also at Lilydale)

County Court (Victoria)


Supreme Court (Victoria)


DPP Old records (Andrew Stevens) 9603-7668 Fax: 9603-7430

Has access to criminal files re Zoccoli (refer to letter from him dated March 2000)

Gerald Gold (defamed by Mr. Fixit – refer VPC-1)

(Former address) 394A Victoria Street,

Richmond North, Vic, 3121

Old phone number: 94271022

Colin Gerald Gold, 81 High Street, Glen Iris, V, 3146,

(Phone: 9885-8735) – Correct One! (see above)

Died of cancer aged about 75, end 1999, (about October)

Son is Michael M. Gold 8 Porter Road Carnegie, Vic, Phone: 9569-6660

Brother of Michael has the files, (claims about 15 filing cabinets full)

Policeman (or ex-cop)

Peter Brilliant (involved in Marabito set-up)

Jo Chandler/David Wilson (The Age)

e-mails (?)



Reported in detail on Fix-it/Marabito matters

Phone: 03 9600-4211

Marabito was convicted by a County Court jury on 25 June 1990 for possession of heroin

Appeal at Supreme Court failed in October 1990

Marabito did 16 months jail

Has wife and 3 kids

(Angelo (relative) says he thinks he’s gone back to Italy - Calabria or Sicily))

Marabito’s relative

Angelo Marabito (1st Cousin of the Sam Marabito in VPC-1)

1552A San Mateo Avenue, Mildura, Victoria.

Phone: 5023-0016 (in the 1998-9 Melbourne phone directory)

Sam Marabito (hairdresser) (wife is Margie)

Angelo’s brother (see above)

Marabito Sam (Salvatorie) Frank & Margie

McEdwards St Merbein 3505 (03) 5025 2168

PO Box 1986 Mildura, Vic

Phone: 5025-2168

Work: 5023-8172

Zoccoli/Fixit was bankrupted in 1990 (Bankruptcy number B2344/1990) He was discharged in 1994.

(Call ITSA on 9272-4800 for confirmation if necessary).

Zoccoli was bankrupted on 18 December 1990 owing 11 creditors a total of 2,191,000, following a petitioning by one of the creditors. Most of the money was in personal and corporate loans.

Zoccoli was in jail in 1993 for unrelated matters.

Other alleged names: Paul Dummett, Stuart Gill, Andrew McAuley, etc (refer to Gerald Gold).

Zoccoli’s address (on writ) is 24 Devon Road, Pascoe Vale (not in phone book).

Allegedly charged as McAuley in the 1980’s with Stealing and heard at Prahran Court. Police offered no evidence – he got off.

Zoccoli’s lawyers: Riordan and Partners, Solicitors, 570 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

Phone: 03 9642-5588 (John O’Callaghan) Fax: 03 9642-5577 E-mail: joc@riordanlawyers.com.au

Defamation Writ number is 7825/99 – issued to Kotabi Publishing in December 1999.

Other potential witnesses:
Police: Frank Green, Alan Bowles, Kel Glare (we have current addresses for all).

Journalists: Jo Chandler (Age), David Wilson(Age), Ian Gillespie (Channel 10).

(All made very damning public statements re Zoccoli).

Other relevant information including that of questionable relevance:

Zoccoli’s former lawyers – Richmond and Bennison (J. Lewis was unhelpful to us – he claimed client privilege)

There are only four Marabito’s in the Australian phone directories. These are:

Marabito Arthur, Dianne Lynette and Angie 1552a San Mateo Ave Mildura 3500 (03) 5023 0016

Marabito A West Rd Buronga 2739 (03) 5022 2400

Marabito Sam (Salvatorie) Frank & Margie McEdwards St Merbein 3505 (03) 5025 2168

(all are related to the Marabito set up by Zoccoli)

Marabito V 4 Rosemary Rw Menai 2234 (02) 9541 0142 (this is a misspelling – should be Mirabito)

Another two show up on the Feb. 2000 Victorian electoral roll (other states not checked). These are:

Paola Maria Marabito, 2 Luzon Court, Lalor, Victoria, 3075

Concetto Marabito, ¼ Mandorah Ct, Oakleigh South, Victoria, 3167.

(neither in phone lists)

Also from the Feb. 2000 electoral rolls:

Colin Gerald Gold, 81 High Street, Glen Iris, V, 3146, (Phone: 9885-8735) – Correct One! (see above)

4 X Peter Brilliant’s.

1 Twyford Close, Doncaster East, Vic, 3109

Peter Alan Brilliant, 7 Hesket Court, Greenvale, Victoria, 3059

Peter Jon Brilliant, 25 Frederick Street, Horsham, Vic, 3400

Peter Robert Brilliant, 21 Shirreff Street, Stawell, Vic, 3380

Christina Zoccoli, 2 Amber Court, Pascoe Vale, V, 3044 (not in phone book)

Anthony Zoccoli, 34 Jukes Road Fawkner, 3060 (not in phone book)

Rachel and Rocky Zoccoli, 85 Mitchell Street, Brunswick, V, (Phone: 9386-9195)

There are others in north-west Melbourne suburbs giving a total of 11. (Devon Road, Pascoe Vale is not on the roll of names and addresses)

Joan Eileen Dummett, 141 Osborne Drive, Mount Martha, Vic, 3934 (only Dummett from that address – maybe erroneous – refer Jennifer - below)

Jennifer Dummett 5985-5040 – Rye (from 013) Marge at Mt. Martha was great Aunt – now dead (5 years ago) – Referred to Joan Margaret Dummett – said try Shane Whelan – owns two hotels in Bright – Alpine 5755-1366 and Star 5755-1277


Media release 25 March 2000.

Details of Defamation writ issued December 1999.

Judge Gillard's judgement against Zoccoli re failed book ban attempt.

Zoccoli's side in contempt of court - unlawfully leans on book distributors.

Judge's summing in trial of Zoccoli - he'd pled guilty.

Relevant Text from the book Victoria Police Corruption.

Media sources of information used for Zoccoli material published.

Non-media sources/corroboration of Zoccoli material published.

DPP information about Zoccoli's criminal history.


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