Snake man damages bill set to run to millions of dollars.Getting Raymond Hoser The Snake Man

Media release dated 10 September 2014.

The Victorian taxpayer is likely to paying many millions of dollars in compensation for damages to the Snake Man, Ray Hoser and his business arising from the illegal closure of his business in an armed raid in 2011 and a second illegal closure in 2012 by corrupt government wildlife officers.
These reckless and illegal actions by government officers acting on behalf of associated rival businesses, effectively destroyed his successful business built up over the previous 34 years.
Last week the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal found against the DSE (now DEPI) making a costs order against them. Hoser will also be seeking the appropriate damages payout as a result of the reckless unlawful actions of the corrupt government employees.
The damages bill is the direct result of an illegal vendetta pursued by the relevant government wildlife officers, who treated both Hoser and the law with contempt.
Hoser’s business Snakebusters, Australia’s best reptiles shows, dominated the wildlife education industry in Australia when illegally shut down. The business traded in all states and territories as well as outside Australia. Hoser’s business lost over 1,000 regular clients, including major shopping centres, hundreds of schools, major universities and other places they taught or did educational displays.
Due to the repeated false statements by the government officers to the media stating that Hoser and his business were unsafe (Hoser in fact has an unmatched perfect safety record) and the illegal hijacking of his registered trademarks to maximize damage to Hoser's interests, the damage to the business is permanent and irreparable.
As a result of a Supreme Court of Appeal Judgement in Hoser’s favour last Friday clearing Hoser of all false allegations, Hoser is now briefing lawyers to launch a claim for damages.
Hoser today said “This is not just a case about myself, my family, including my vulnerable young daughters attacked in illegal heavily armed raids and the rest of the Snakebusters team being paid appropriate damages. It is also about the very important issue of wildlife conservation and education in Australia. Corrupt government employees must be made aware that they cannot use taxpayer’s funds and the government bureaucracy to run personal vendettas against people who have made enormous sacrifices and devoted their entire lives to wildlife conservation.”
Under the directions of government officers, the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) (now called DEPI) spent millions of dollars illegally pursuing Hoser and his business, while recklessly neglecting their legal responsibilities, the result being two of their own staff recklessly killed in February 2013, numerous fatal and near fatal snakebites (all avoidable) as well as the unprecedented deaths of 172 Victorians in the Black Saturday bushfires.
Hoser today said “When four people died installing pink batts, we got a Royal Commission and yet this department kills dozens of people and no one is charged!”
Hoser also said “Notwithstanding the obligation of the DEPI to pay our legal costs as per the Court judgement last week as well as money for the damages caused by their illegal actions, I ask them DEPI to take this opportunity to stop being the problem and now work with me and the rest of the dedicated Snakebusters team to become a part of the wildlife conservation and education solution.”
Hoser also said that, "It is time that the department stop abusing the taxpayer and wasting other people's money fighting me as part of their own improper agenda. In the wake of the Appeal Court Ruling, they should be paying us their legal obligations without the need for us to fight them for it and without the need for them to waste taxpayer's funds defending the undefendable.
For the record, claims (widely reported in the media) that Hoser had recklessly killed his 10 year old daughter by having her bitten by venomous snakes that had regenerated venom have no factual basis whatsoever. It is not possible for a devenomized snake to regenerate venom and as of this date all Hoser’s kids are alive and well. Hoser's children are also recognized wildlife experts and have had numerous species named in their honour.
Hoser is the only person in Australia with the expertise to have surgically devenomized snakes to ensure public safety at all his educational displays as well as the welfare of the snakes. None are attacked with sticks or tongs when handled for the purposes of entertainment.
Ray Hoser is the world's foremost snake expert having discovered and named hundreds of species and genera, a number greater than that for any other scientist born in the last 150 years. His nine books are all major works and his scientific papers have been cited by others more than a million times. He authored the definitive books on Australian reptiles and frogs as well as the major work on Australia's endangered animals, both published more than 20 years ago. At his facility Hoser was the first in the world to breed numerous species of venomous snakes and non-venomous pythons pioneering methods now in use globally. He has addressed numerous scientific conferences in Australia and elsewhere.
DSE officers first took (unlawful) legal action against Hoser in 2010, with a raft of bogus criminal charges after he disclosed a serious fraud involving DSE employees. In February 2009, they used their bottle-raised pet koala to scam vast amounts of money in donations from the public in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires, without an appropriate fund-rasing permit for the purposes of home improvements. The employees, duped the Murdoch controlled Herald-Sun newspaper into believing their scam (the centre-piece being the false claim that a firefighter had found an injured Koala in a bushfire zone and given it a drink of water from a bottle, when it was in fact a bottle-raised pet trained to drink from bottles, the animal taken to a previously burnt area for the specfic purpose of making the video, which also happened to be a direct breach of the Victorian Wildlife Act that was never prosecuted). In spite of a stated written policy to correct wrong information in their papers, the Murdoch Press has never admitted to their role in the scam, including the fraud involving the bottle-drinking Koala and an associated fraud involving the swapping of the male pet Koala with a wild-caught female, now held at the Museum of Victoria.
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