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Herald-Sun newspaper reports the news Ö
but over a year late.
13 December 2000.

Todayís front page of the Herald-Sun newspaper carried as its lead story the case of a copper by the name of Sergeant Michael Kerry McNamara who was allegedly involved in a raft of criminal and illegal acts as a Victorian policeman and who got off Scott-free thanks to effective protection by fellow police and the Victorian Ombudsman.
It was a damning story and certainly newsworthy.
However the question now worth asking is this: Why wasnít all this reported when it was first published in Chapter 17 of Raymond Hoserís book Victoria Police Corruption Ė over a year ago!
Yes the story as written in todayís Herald-Sun is nothing more than a heavily abridged rehash of what thousands of people had already read in the book that came out in August last year. There was apparently nothing new in it Ė save for the fact that it was being reported in the Herald-Sun.
Maybe thatís what made it newsworthy!
After all that paper rarely reports on coppers who do the wrong thing.
Needless to say the Herald-Sun people will claim they didnít steal the story from Hoserís book.
But if thatís true, then where did the same story suddenly emerge from?
So lets look at a few indelible facts.
It just seems strange that almost without exception, every so-called scoop by that paper about police corruption stories have been already reported in Hoserís book.
Does this make Hoser the most frequently copied author of all time?
In two words Ė probably yes.
Perhaps that explains why the editors at the paper have made sure that no stories have been written about the continuing attempts by the Victorian government to try to ban the book from general sale.
Then thereís another question worth asking.
Now if the ABCís Jon Fein is correct in his continually telling his listeners that Hoserís book is nothing more than a collection of wild conspiracy theories, why is it that journalists with the Murdoch and Fairfax papers keep using the same material in their so-called news stories.
Are they all really so gullible to be sucked in by Hoserís conspiracy theories too?
Or if 3AWís litigous Steve Price is on the mark when he tells his listeners that Hoserís a "Whacko", why then do the newspapers give the contents of Hoserís book the same credibility as the Bible?
Hereís just ten of "Whacko" Hoserís so-called conspiracy theories that are now accepted as fact as reported in Hoserís book, and have in the year since the publication of Hoserís book been rehashed in the Herald-Sun and/or the Age newspapers.
1/ Policeman Denis Tanner was guilty of the murder of his sister in law.
2/ Itís now conceded by the Homicide squad that a fellow Victorian Policeman plotted the execution-style murder of Jane Thurgood Dove of Niddrie, as documented in Hoserís book.
3/ Victorian Police brutally bashed Terry Witney in Warragul, as documented in Hoserís book.
4/ Victorian Police wrongly killed Drennan in his Kew home as documented in Hoserís book.
5/ The Richmond Baton charge by Police was illegal, as documented in Hoserís book.
6/ Drug Squad Copper Kevin Hicks was a drug trafficker, as documented in Hoserís book.
7/ Amphetamines dealer John Higgs dealt with corrupt police, as did another drug trafficker, Peter Pilarinos, as documented in Hoserís book.
8/ Police in the St. Kilda area hid guns in the ceilings of their police stations to plant on suspects, as documented in Hoserís book.
9/ Police raped women in Maryborough, Victoria, as documented in Hoserís book and have since had to pay compensation.
10/ Hoserís allegations re the Intergraph contract as documented in Hoserís book were investigated by the State Government in a Royal Commission and vindicated as correct.
And so on.
Oh and we wonít talk about the other so-called conspiracy theories documented in Hoserís book that have since been rehashed and appeared in John Silvesterís Underbelly 4 or Robin Bowlesí No Justice, both of which the Victorian government have chosen not to try to ban.
So what does all this mean?
1/ Hoser is not into conspiracy theories, but rather he just details the cold harsh facts.
2/ There are a lot of corrupt people in positions of power who fear what Hoser exposes and who will lie, cheat and hide the truth.
3/ The same corrupt and dishonest people in positions of power who fear what Hoser exposes will vilify Hoser at every opportunity.
4/ And when the truth is inevitably exposed to a wider audience these same corrupt people will do everything they can to avoid giving Hoser credit for the rot he first exposed in his books.
5/ Hoser is not only Australiaís most frequently banned author, but by a country mile he is also Australiaís most frequently copied!
Who knows whatíll come next?
Maybe one of the major daily papers will grow enough balls to rehash Hoserís chapter from Victoria Police Corruption detailing Neil Comrieís past activities in Queensland.
Or perhaps we may be fantasizing if we ever expected the controlled papers to ever rehash the chunks of Victoria Police Corruption Ė 2 that indelibly showed how corrupt sections of the judiciary are and then like Hoser, went so far as to name the corrupt judges and magistrates.
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