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Police pay corruption author $250,000 after illegally banning his books.

24 November 2000.

For 10 years the West Australian Police Union had illegally forced bookshops in WA not to sell the ground breaking book The Mickleburg Stitch and its sequel, Split Image, both by corruption author Avon Lovell.
The books detail extensive corruption in the WA Police Force in relation to the case involving a gold theft from the Perth Mint, where Eddie Mickleberg was wrongly jailed after the event.
In a dramatic back down, the WA Police have now admitted that the books are correct and recently paid Lovell a quarter of a million dollars in damages arising from their illegal actions to stop sales.
As Lovell himself put it, "The WA Police said the books were bullshit for ten years, now in the eleventh year, they say they are true!".
In that time Lovell fended off 40 defamation writs court and other legal actions, and made an estimated 1,300 personal appearances in court. All the litigation against Lovell was in hindsight vexatious and designed solely to stop the truth getting out.
Lovell who also wrote a foreword in another controversial corruption best-seller The Hoser Files, also banned by Police, this time in Victoria, said that he hopes the pay-out to himself sets a precedent and becomes routine for other corruption authors who put their necks on the line only to have their books unlawfully banned.
Based on the pay-out, it seems that government officials should also pay corruption author Raymond Hoser several million dollars in damages arising from unlawful actions resulting in bans on sales of six books, including, Smuggled, Smuggled-2, The Hoser Files, Victoria Police Corruption, Victoria Police Corruption 2 and most recently Taxi:Indecent Exposures.
Before writing corruption books, Lovell wrote for the mainstream press, including the Hobart Mercury, Sydney Morning Herald, Adelaide Advertiser and Nation Review. He found that his editors refused to print his ground-breaking corruption stories so instead wrote two corruption books himself.
In the wake of the pay out and the vindication it entailed, Lovell announced that he intended publishing further books detailing corruption within the WA Police force and elsewhere.
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