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Tomorrow (18th June) the Sunday Herald-Sun will be following Raymond Hoser's footsteps and reporting on more corruption in the Victoria Police, … in fact the same corruption that is covered in chapter 14 of the book Victoria Police Corruption by Raymond Hoser. That's the book that came out last year.

How do we know this?

Well the victim has been speaking with reporters Wayne Jones and Derek Ballantyne all week. The brother of the victim was also on ABC talk-back radio last Monday telling listeners how the police corruption detailed in the Sunday Herald-Sun the previous day was the same stuff that was in Hoser's book, published a year earlier.

Broadcaster John Fein was mightily pissed off that Hoser's book got publicity on his radio show – you see he'd been actively screening out callers who may dare raise the issues of Police corruption and/or Hoser's books.

Anyway returning to the Sunday-Herald-Sun, Ballantyne and Jones were asked why they hadn't mentioned in their articles the fact that the same corruption is detailed in Hoser's books. The victim was told something along the lines of "Hoser is D-noticed, we cannot report him, his books or anything to do with him – editor's instructions." That was on Friday (yesterday). The previous Monday, another victim of police corruption, Mr. Peter Boot was told the same thing by staff at the same paper and later in week he said that he too got a similar story from Ballantyne and Jones themselves.

So when you read the "news" of Police corruption in the Sunday Herald-Sun tomorrow, just remember, that there are already thousands of people who have already read about it in Hoser's books.

Oh and if you want to know why the Sunday Herald-Sun has suddenly realised that this corruption exists, we can only speculate. Our guess is as along the lines of what follows:-

Now that there are tens of thousands of people who have read Hoser's books and visited his websites, the controlled media are going through the motions of writing about what people know anyway. That way when the inevitable happens and there is some sort of police corruption inquiry, the controlled media can then get up and (falsely) claim credit for forcing the inquiry. The reality however is the opposite. Their forceful censorship of the truth about corruption for the last 20 years (including Hoser and his books for the last six years) has allowed the police corruption we now see to operate in such an unchecked manner.

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Sure enough Derek Ballantyne reported the same stuff as was written in part of chapter 18 of the book VICTORIA POLICE CORRUPTION in yeserday's Sunday Herald-Sun. He rehashed the cases of Terry Whitney, Ben Haslem and others as first and accurately reported a year ago in Hoser's book. Ballantyne and his paper followed instructions and chose not to name Hoser or his book as the source of the information...

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