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Kotabi Publishing and Raymond Hoser are not in a position to publish other people's works on these matters no matter how good or in the public interest the information is.
Persons willing or able to publish via their own means and/or through alternative publishers are strongly recommended first to visit the internet site:-
Raymond Hoser is constantly inundated with requests to publish or to act on information in relation to corruption. He is constantly at war with Australian authorities and their complaint media who seek to destroy Hoser as best they can and suppress the information he publishes. This is very time-consuming, financially demanding and draining for him and his family.
Within these constraints we ask that you read what follows even though some may appear to be 'basic' and common sense:-
Notwithstanding the above, Raymond Hoser has a permanent request out for further information relating to the following subject areas:

    - Police corruption Australia only.
    - Judicial corruption Australia only.
    - Wildlife crime and corruption Worldwide.
    - Government and related corruption Australia only.
    - Prisons corruption Australia only.
    - Taxi industry corruption Australia only.

As a rule Raymond Hoser has no interest in other matters other than for wildlife matters for which information is sought on a project by project basis only.
Persons with information and evidence of matters as outlined above are requested to forward all materials to the following address:

Raymond Hoser,
C/O Kotabi Publishing,
PO Box 599,
Doncaster, Victoria, 3108,
Phone: +61 412 777 211
Fax: +61 3 9857-4664

Please note the following:-

    • Raymond Hoser will not pay for any information due to severe financial constraints.
    • Raymond Hoser can offer no guarantees of any sort in relation to material supplied.
    • Raymond Hoser is not government or a lawyer and therefore it is physically beyond his power to rectify wrongs. His powers are limited (at best) to documenting injustices, corruption, etc.
    • Raymond Hoser requests that persons supplying materials and information to him retain copies of all because he is periodically raided by authorities and cannot guarantee retention or possession of materials supplied.
    • Raymond Hoser may use any and all information supplied in publications (by all means) and reserves all rights in this regard.
    • Raymond Hoser will at all times seek to publish truth and nothing but to the best of his ability and circumstance and without fear or favor to friend or foe alike.
    • Raymond Hoser is always gathering material for future publications, pending and proposed (up to 10 at a time). He cannot guarantee any timetable with regards to these. The subject matters dealt with relate to those covered above only.
    • Please provide full contact details (including a permanent forwarding address if necessary) so that Raymond Hoser may contact you for further information as necessary. It is often some years between Raymond Hoser receiving information and seeking to follow-up on it.
    • For persons incarcerated in jail it is usually best to deal with Raymond Hoser via an intermediary on the "outside" and/or following release from prison.

If you are able to provide material relating to the corruption matters specified above within the constraints as outlined here, please send to us at the above address.


We ask for everyone's sake that as best you can you be mindful of the following:-

    • Assume Raymond Hoser has the mentality of a child and no knowledge of the subject matter at hand.
    • Written summaries of events are useful particularly when cross-referenced with important documents, transcripts, etc.
    • Please as best as possible supply as much corroborative material including "independent" sources/sourced documents as possible.
    • Note that from a governmental point of view allegations against them are always baseless and unsubstantiated. The best evidence against them (government persons) is that which comes from them for example cross-referenced inconsistent statements, etc. If you have access to these we particularly seek them.

Thank you.

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