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Raymond Hoser was born in the U.K. in 1962 and came to Australia in 1967. He is presently married with a daughter. He grew up and studied in Sydney. From the age of four, he kept reptiles as pets and began his research into these animals early, publishing many scientific papers in journals worldwide from the age of thirteen. He is now internationally regarded as an authority on Australian reptiles, having published over 140 papers.

His books, Australian Reptiles and Frogs and Endangered Animals of Australia are extremely detailed and regarded as definitive works in their fields.

Following his allegations of official corruption in State wildlife authorities, in the 1970's Raymond's reptile facilities were broken into on several occasions by the named wildlife officials. Reptiles, computer disks, files, camera equipment and other valuables, were stolen.

Most of the author's claims regarding corruption have since been vindicated by other independent sources. Officials named by him as being corrupt, have since been removed from their positions.

Smuggled was Raymond's first corruption book. Following it's release in 1993, it soon became widely accepted as the new benchmark in terms of investigative books about corruption within Australia. It was an instant best-seller. Smuggled and it's sequel, Smuggled-2, published in October 1996 represents a summary of Raymond's search for the truth in the area of wildlife trafficking and associated crime in Australia.

His book, The Hoser Files - The Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption first published in 1995, followed this trend and is widely regarded as the precursor of a notably increased media attention to the problem of Police corruption in Victoria. That book once and for all shattered the myth perpetuated by successive Victorian Governments that their Police Force was the cleanest in the country.

Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption - 2 (published at the same time), expose further corruption and like Raymond's three previous corruption books will probably be unlawfully banned shortly after release by the named officials in a desperate attempt to prevent the public from knowing what really goes on. Raymond regards exposing corruption as being the necessary first step in solving the problem.

He now accepts that being vilified by officials in positions of power comes as a result of exposing corruption.

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Raymond Hoser's photo.

Scientific papers by Raymond Hoser - downloadable in full.

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