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Have you already read The Hoser Files?

Did you find some of the quotes and transcripts quoted amazing?
Well so did the author.
Quite frankly, if he hadn't been there and taped it, he wouldn't have believed it either.
Coppers admitting to paying off magistrates, admitting to thefts and more.
It's all there!
Anyway a lot of the quotes and transcripts in the book are damning, not so much because of what the corrupt police said at the time, but rather because of their later denials in court.
Now you can actually read all the transcripts in full as sourced for The Hoser Files.
There were hundreds of hours of tapes – not all have been transcribed. But all that was relevant has been.
Several hundred pages in fact – and that excludes the thousands of pages of court transcripts also done and available to you – on the site below.
These are not neccessarily rivetting reading, although some really are... - but others are actually quite monotonous - but for students of official corruption and misconduct, this makes a resource of unprecedented accuracy and magnitude.
To download (for free) any or all that are available, go to the link below:
happy reading…

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