hands on reptile parties

Australia's only
Hands on® reptile parties® and reptile shows®.

Hands on® is when the audience hold the animals®.
Only Snakebusters® including Reptile Parties® does hands on reptiles®.
All other wildlife display companies in Australia do "hands off" reptile displays in the form of boring static displays or "show and tell".
So the choice for everyone is simple, "Hands on reptiles"® with "Australia's best reptiles"®, namely Snakebusters®, or "hands off reptiles" with one of our many impersonators.
With Snakebusters®, hands-on® means letting lots of people hold the animals® like no one else does.
As a rule, other companies are hands-off, or on rare occasions allow people to touch the tail of a reptile, or perhaps a fleeting photo opportunity for a birthday child.
This is one of several things that makes Snakebusters® displays rated as Australia's best reptiles®.
No other company in Melbourne lets everyone hold reptiles at their kids parties, shows, incursions and events, except Snakebusters.
Snakebusters are the only company that have lots of reptiles are out at once and being held by the audience, so that everyone can have "hands on" without having to wait their turn. For instant gratification hands on reptiles, it's Snakebusters!

"Hands on" will continue - VCAT 2008, Appeal court 2014, VCAT 2015.

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