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Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2001

CRIKEY'S PORKIES - 3.This man, Steven Mayne is a serial fairy tale teller.  This photo may be reproduced by anyone provided that at the same place the original photographer (Raymond Hoser) AND weblink to are also acknowledged and/or cited as the source.  These are conditions of reproduction.

OK so by now you've probably read Crikey's Porkies mark one.
Well it now seems that Stephen Mayne (see right photo) hasn't yet realised that the dot com bullshit boom is over!
We call it dot con!
Dot con may be appropriate as Mayne's right hand man is con (???) yes Con Christov.
Anyway the size of Crikey is allegedly growing so big that it'll soon have more subscribers than the known inhabitants of planet earth - and that includes Orang-Utans!!
Publicity hungry Stephen Mayne got a favorable write-up on himself in "The Paper", (13-26 July 2001) which is usually regarded as one of the better independent media outlets. But in the case of their report on Mayne, it seems that it had more bullshit than reality
The article opened by claiming Mayne had "over 13,000 paying subscribers".
Sure thing!
Pigs fly as well!
Remember when his vast mailing list went out by accident last time he had just 277 subscribers - and a heap of them were so-called "freebies".
Putting it another way, we doubt Mayne would be living just on his Crikey subs ... if he did, he'd probably starve to death. It's just as well his wife is a lawyer and that one of the pair gets a decent wage.
Or try adding up the figures...
30,000 X an advertised $55 a pop, leaves one with a figure of $1.815 million dollars a year!
Sure thing!
And at a so-called "Free Speech Committee" meeting in East Melbourne last month he was telling people that he was lucky if he made more than $20,000 in subs over the next year or two.
Wow!!! - did 29,000 people really subscribe to Crikey's diet of dribble, trash, idiot comment and occasional fact or two in just two weeks!!
We don't really think so.
Mayne is a bit of a froot loop who spends much of his time touting Steve Price (of 3AW fame) as a great bloke and journalist, etc. We think that may be in the hope that 3AW and Price drop their defamation action against him.
Actually it's quite heartening to see two low-lifes like Price and Mayne slogging it out in the defamation courts. We can always hope that they wear each other into oblivion and do the world a favor!
The article in "The Paper" echoed a number of Crikey's porkies and it's just a pity that their staff never bothered to make even a cursory check their alleged facts. For example Mayne made himself out to be a champion of whistleblowers ... nothing could be further from the truth!
As a Kennett government hack, and since, he's spent most of his "career" getting stuck into and vilifying whistleblowers, including some of the best known in Australia
Mayne rehashed his demonstrably false claim that he was the man who singlehandedly took out the Kennett government in the 1999 election and the rabble about him being formely an employee of Kennett himself sorry to burst the bubble, but our understanding is that he actually worked for Stocker's Stockdale and not His Fuhrer, Jeff...
yes, Mayne and Crikey do occasionally publish some good pieces, but that's usually when he swipes material from Hoser's books, which if Hoser is lucky, Mayne will grudgingly acknowledge, which we suppose is probably a slightly better form than Hoser gets from the fiction writers at The Age and Herald-Sun.

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