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Crikey's Porkies - 2

Last Updated: Monday, May 7, 2001

From: Media Flash

Editor's MailbagThis man, Steven Mayne is a serial fairy tale teller.  This photo may be reproduced by anyone provided that at the same place the original photographer (Raymond Hoser) AND weblink to are also acknowledged and/or cited as the source.  These are conditions of reproduction.

* MICK ABRAM,, writes: 'Has anybody ever bothered to check the accuracy of the STEPHEN MAYNE'S (in photo to the right) claim that he was once Press Secretary to JEFF KENNETT?

* 'I believe that this was not the case at all and that he was in fact Press Secretary to former Victorian Treasurer, ALAN STOCKDALE (albeit for a short period) . MAYNE seems to be of the opinion that having the KENNETT name on his CV carries more weight than that of Stockdale and has been happy to mislead his miniscule audience if he believes it shows him in a better light.

* 'I note that you also referred to MAYNE as "former press secretary to JEFF KENNETT" in this week's edition of Media Flash and it alarmed me that it seems as though you have swallowed MAYNE'S bullshit without question. As you mentioned also, STEPHEN MAYNE has a history and proven track record of getting it wrong and misleading his readers so don't be surprised that this is yet another example of MAYNE running true to form.

* 'The pathetic tone of his emails to SHARON McCROHAN and antics such as waving his Quill commendation and brandishing old business cards from his days as a "real" journo surely prove once and for all that MAYNE is a publicity junkie crying out for a fix. His shrill protestations to the security guard recorded by the TV stations was just downright embarrassing for him and an absolute joy to watch.'

Stephen Mayne Replies

* STEPHEN MAYNE replies: 'Flasher, the business card said "STEPHEN MAYNE. Press Secretary, Treasury, Finance, Energy and Minerals (later also WorkCover). Office of the Premier of Victoria." That means Press Secretary in the Premier's office responsible for Ministers such as STOCKDALE, SMITH, PLOWMAN and HALLAM. Most time was spent working with STOCKDALE who publicly described my departure after 18 months in 94 as "a grievous loss" and wrote on the farewell card of "a magnificent effort for me and the government". I wasn't a personal press secretary to KENNETT but did speak to him every other day as a pressie in his Media Unit. He was the boss who did the hiring and the firing of pressies. I would go so far as to say I was JEFF'S de facto sharemarket adviser as we talked stocks most days. Give MICK my best, we gave him a good run on a few months back. He's quite a talented carper, not unlike your good self on occasions.'

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