Australasian Journal of Herpetology Issue 62Australasian Journal of Herpetology ®
Issue 62, published 25 May 2023

Front cover.

Page two - contents.

New taxa within the African Herald Snake genus Crotaphopeltis Fitzinger, 1843.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 3-4.

New taxa within the African snake genus Dipsadoboa GŁnther, 1858..
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 5-18.

Six new species of viper within Atheris Cope, 1862 sensu lato from central Africa!
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 19-64.

Three new species of Kraits in the Bungarus fasciatus (Schneider, 1801) species complex.
... Raymond T. Hoser, pp. 19-64.

All of AJH Issue 62, including covers in one big pdf file (64 pages).

All of the newly discovered and formally named genera and species in AJH Issue 62.

Full Zoobank listing of all species, genera, family and taxonomic works of the Snakeman Raymond Hoser as of 29 August 2023 (over 2,000 entities named, over 1,000 species and subspecies).

ICZN Case 3601 ... ICZN Ruled on 30 April 2021 that all published issues of Australasian Journal of Herpetology ® is validly published according to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and also that all new names within are valid and have priority over later names.

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